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Why just cruise when you can go on a theme cruise for one of your favorite hobbies or pastimes?

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a wellness advocate, a budding photographer or film buff, a beer lover or fearless foodie, there’s a theme cruise you’re going to love.

What makes a theme cruise special?

Theme cruises are typically put together by travel agencies that partner with a company, such as a winery or brewery, to provide special events to cruisers who book themselves onto the sailing through the theme cruise.

Theme cruises will have meet and greet parties where you have the chance to mingle with winemakers, chefs, professional photographers, and others who are experts in the theme cruise you’re on. There will also often be special gatherings based around the activity your theme cruise specializes in.

Here are some theme cruises coming up that feature west coast brands.

Craft Beer Theme Cruises

Health & Wellness Theme Cruise

Film Festivals at Sea Theme Cruise

Photography Theme Cruise

Winemaker Hosted Theme Cruises

Chef Hosted Culinary Theme Cruises

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