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This past Thursday, we showed southern California why the “Grass is Greener” on Celebrity Cruises. In the process, we made things a bit greener in SoCal, too!

We turned concrete into a natural wonder by covering the wide steps at the Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel in Costa Mesa with grass. The grass-covered oasis culminated in a dining area that was decorated with “Modern Luxury” in mind. Casual, yet sophisticated. Elegant, yet fun.

It was a fun afternoon of good eats, refreshing drinks and talk of why the Grass is Greener with Celebrity Cruises — the first of which is that Celebrity Cruises literally has grass onboard it ships, which you can enjoy when you sail on the Solstice-class ships.

The Lawn Club onboard Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class features a half-acre of real grass on a top deck of the ship. You can lounge on the grass, play bocce ball, or sip a cool drink under the sunshine while cruising through the sea.

Depending what ship you’re sailing on, the Lawn Club is also adjacent to a hot glass show, al fresco dining, and several fun bars.

To book a cruise on a Solstice-class ship and experience the Lawn Club for yourself, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your local travel agent.

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