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Do it Here, Then Do it There…

If you love wine tasting, then you’ll be glad to know there’s a fun place to do it close to home in southern California and a bucket list wine tasting experience overseas in France.

SoCal Vineyards and Fun in Temecula

Temecula is a burgeoning wine region in southern California. The hot days and cool nights create dynamic wines, especially of the sweeter white varietals.

A Temecula wine tasting trip can be a low key outing or an extravagant affair. Party buses are welcome at many of the tasting rooms and don’t be surprised to see birthday and bachelorette parties making the rounds. South Coast with its massive grounds and tasting room and Wilson Creek — home to a famous almond sparkling wine — are both good options for such a day. Your limo or party bus will depart for Temecula (drive times are around XX from Newport Beach and XX from Santa Monica) and you’ll have fun socializing onboard your transportation before arriving at the wineries. Be sure to pack snacks and plenty of water in the limo or party bus with you.

For a day that is more about the wine experience than the party, choose smaller wineries that don’t cater to groups as much. The views at Callaway are marvelous and an idyllic place to be sipping wine while the vintages at Danza del Sol are some of the best in the area.

Wine Tasting During a Mediterranean Cruise

Temecula wine tasting is a fun experience and a close to home outing for southern Californians. Wine tasting in France, on the other hand, is a much more sophisticated and exotic affair — which is why you should not miss out on such a life experience if you love wine.

While wine tasting in France during a Mediterranean cruise, you’ll be privy to some incredible, world-class wines. The best time to go wine tasting during your cruise is when docked near Nice and Provence, of which the ports of Cannes, Villefranches, and Toulon provide easy access.

Arrange a group wine tasting tour that picks you up from port and provides a guide that will take you to a selection of wineries and provide you with the history and scope of the wineries, vineyards, and vintages you’ll be coming in contact with. You can also opt for a private Celebrity shore excursion where you’ll be provided with your own car and driver who will take you wherever you want to go, so you can wine taste on your own time frame and visit the wineries most appealing to you.

As an added bonus, back onboard the ship during a Celebrity cruise, you’ll get the chance to sip wine from all over the world as part of the Celebrity Wine Experience.

Wine Taste Soon

Arrange that fun day trip to Temecula, then plan your dream wine-tasting Mediterranean cruise to France by visiting Celebrity Cruises or talking to your local travel agent.

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