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Santorini is a stunning Greek island known for its white and pastel colored buildings hugging the side of an impressive to behold caldera. The caldera is a cliff that was created after a volcano eruption thousands of years ago. The tip of the submerged volcano is visible from the towns along the caldera, providing an exquisite view. Elsewhere on the island, you’ll find beaches, vineyards, ancient ruins, and more. We've compiled some of the top things to do in Santorini during a day in port.

Thing to Do in Santorini

  • Wine Tasting – Santorini’s wine is quickly growing a name for itself as it gets a unique flavor from the volcanic soil it’s grown in. Try Santorini’s wine on a wine tasting shore excursion that takes you to some of Santorini’s top wineries where you’ll sip wine and enjoy the vineyard and island views in the process.
  • Take a Dip in Hot Springs – Venture off the main island of Santorini to the volcanic island of Nea Kameni where you can relax in mineral hot springs.
  • Hit the Beaches – Santorini’s volcanic makeup has created some visually interesting beaches including Perivolos Beach, which has black sand, and the aptly called Red Beach, which has a beach made up of tiny red-hued rocks and is located in a cove with massive red rocks behind it.
  • Walk Around Oia – Located on the northern end of the caldera, Oia is arguably Santorini’s most picturesque village with whitewashed buildings built into the side of the cliff. You’ll marvel they don’t tumble into the sea as you walk up and down the steps carved into the caldera as you explore the town of Oia. If your time in port allows for it, Oia is also considered the best place to watch Santorini’s famous sunset.
  • Shopping in Fira – Fira is Santorini’s main town and has many souvenir boutiques. Keep an eye out for jewelry made from the volcanic rock in Santorini.
  • Akrotiri – This site is home to the remains of the ancient Minoan town of Akrotiri, which was preserved after a volcanic eruption in 1450 BC buried the town.

Santorini is a popular port of call on many of Celebrity Cruises’ Mediterranean itineraries. Check them out and start planning your cruise vacation to Santorini today.

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