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JULY 31, 2015

From boardwalks and beaches to tasty tapas and original architecture, Barcelona is often one of the Mediterranean ports of call that most excites people on a cruise. Here are the top things not to miss while in Barcelona, Spain.

The Buildings of Gaudi

Anton Gaudi was an architect in Barcelona who is famous for some of the city’s most iconic buildings. Though there are several Gaudi works across the city, the one you can’t miss is the Sagrada Familia, a cathedral that is still being built and is not like any cathedral you’ve seen before.

Walk Along Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is the main boulevard in Barcelona and is flanked by shops and restaurants. Grab a glass of sangria or a tapas to get your energy back up after taking an amble down the iconic street.

Beautiful Beaches

Barcelona, Spain is home to some gorgeous beaches ideal for lying on and soaking up the sun or using as a jumping off point for swimming in the sea. The wide gray-checkered boardwalk also provides a relaxing way to experience the beach by walking down it and taking in all the sights and smells of coastal Barcelona.

Exploring Barcelona’s Markets

The markets of Barcelona are also exciting to check out and a fun place for those looking to do some shopping while in port. The Barcelona Markets Walking Tour shore excursion makes sure you have the chance to see the best ones that are open the day you’re in port and also takes you through some of the prettiest and alluring parts of Barcelona, like the winding roads of the Old Gothic Quarter.

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