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JANUARY 21, 2015

Find French Cuisine in OC at Pinot Provence…then at Sea with Celebrity Cruises

Pinot Provence in Costa Mesa has a name that evokes thoughts of walks through vineyards in France, and though the acclaimed restaurant won’t transport you to France, it will provide you with a sumptuous atmosphere, French cuisine, and an excellent glass – or bottle – of wine. Pinot Provence is located in the Westin Plaza and if you’re a SoCal resident who hasn’t dined there yet, you should definitely get yourself seated at a table at Pinot Provence sometime soon (the upcoming Orange County Restaurant Week is a great time to do so). You’ll find yourself dining on award-winning cuisine that includes the likes of lamb cassoulet, maple leaf duck breast, escargots Provençal, frog legs, and an array of gourmet seafood dishes. As you dine, you’ll enjoy a rustic chic ambiance with stellar service.

Murano Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises

If you love Pinot Provence – or it sounds like the type of place you would love to dine at – then you also won’t want to miss out on experiencing Murano Restaurant…but you’ll have to head out to sea to do so. Murano is a luxurious restaurant onboard select Celebrity Cruises ships that offers a fine dining setting with high-end French cuisine.

Celebrity Cruises has a number of sailings that stop in ports of France and the chefs onboard pull ideas for Murano’s menu from the traditional cuisine of France while adding contemporary twists to dishes in order to keep diners pleasantly surprised and provide a memorable dining experience. Try the phyllo baked Anjou pear with Roquefort cheese for an appetizer and the Châteaubriand or Loup de Mer for your main course. There is also a caviar, cheese, and dessert course. You may even order an item that is flambeed tableside for some fine dining entertainment.

Perhaps best of all, this gourmet dinner will only set you back $25, a small fraction of what you’d pay for a similar dining experience on land. It’s one of the many perks of life at sea that you’ll encounter during a Celebrity cruise. After dining at Murano, you’ll leave feeling full and blissfully satisfied by your meal, and — if your cruise stops in the Marseille port of call in France — ready to explore the Provence countryside that Pinot Provence back at home makes you dream of. If you’re interested in booking a Celebrity cruise and experiencing the culinary delights of Murano or the gorgeous landscape of Provence in France, visit us at www.CelebrityCruises.com or contact your local travel agent to book your cruise.

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