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NOVEMBER 1, 2016


Learn About the Exclusive Luminae Restaurant on Celebrity Cruises + Other Suite Class Perks

West Coasters, in general, are dedicated foodies and love trying new restaurants and foods. At Celebrity Cruises, we also like experimenting with new flavors and introducing innovative dining experiences. Luminae is one our newest restaurants and has been rolled out to all our ships (with the exception of the Xpedition Class) and it comes with an air of exclusivity. After all, let’s face it, knowing you’re one of a small group of people to try a popular, hard-to-get-into restaurant always makes the dining experience feel a bit more special.

However, most of those type of restaurant outings are sporadic or even once-in-a-lifetime type dining experiences. At Luminae, you can eat there for every meal of your cruise if you’d like. So how is that exclusive? Because Luminae is only available to guests staying in one of Celebrity Cruises’ Suite Class accommodations. Here’s why this stateroom upgrade is so worth it both because of Luminae and other perks.


Luminae Restaurant Perks

Luminae is located in its own special section of the ship and you must scan your suite room key in order to access it. Upon entering the light-filled room, you’ll be enveloped in soothing golds and creams while the outdoor scene unfolds before you thanks to large picture windows. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Luminae for your convenience – and gastronomical delight – each day.

The food at Luminae consists of modern cuisine with an eclectic twist. Surprise your taste buds with one of your favorite entrees that will be a bit different – in a good way – than you may be used to. The chefs at Luminae are inspired by cuisine from all over the world, meaning you’ll constantly have new tastes to try with new menus daily. Also, the menu items at Luminae are exclusive to Luminae and aren’t served in any of the other restaurants on board. You might feast on côte de boeuf with Béarnaise sauce one night and Alaskan halibut with baby bok choy and sesame sticky rice another night.

Suite Class Perks

Staying in a Suite Class stateroom on Celebrity Cruises comes with some extraordinary benefits. You’ll get your own personal butler who can help you unpack, deliver cappuccino or snacks (or a full meal) to your room, shine your shoes, and a myriad of other helpful tasks that will elevate your cruise to a truly relaxing, blissful vacation.

In addition to dining at Luminae, you’ll also gain access to Michael’s Club, an exclusive lounge on Celebrity Cruises to which suite guests have access. Michael’s Club has a luxurious vibe with comfortable chairs in a reading area and an inviting bar. Order a craft beer, sip a glass of wine or try one of the high-end liquors served. There are also pre-dinner tapas served each evening in Michael’s Club. In addition to drinks and good eats, you can arrange your next shore excursion or dinner reservation with the helpful concierge who is available for your convenience in Michael’s Club.

The suites themselves are spectacular, with spacious living areas and verandas – some which even have whirlpools.


Other Perks – the Best

Also, if you book a suite, you get all four perks as part of our Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing, which enables you to choose certain amenities and onboard packages to be included in your cruise fare depending on then pricepoint you’d like to pay. These perks are:

  • Free Beverage Package (Includes Alcoholic Drinks)
  • Included Gratuities
  • $300 to Spend On Board
  • Unlimited Internet Package

Typically you decide how much you want to pay depending if you want one perk (go! big), two perks (go! better), or four perks (go! best), but if you stay in a suite, you automatically get all four perks. It’s an amazing value. You can also currently save $800 with the Season of Savings Event.

Plus, you’ll get that all-meal access to Luminae we were discussing – though you may find yourself also wanting to try some of the other specialty restaurants on board. The dining experience on Celebrity is one you don’t want to miss, and with a suite stay you truly have the opportunity to experience it all.

Find your perfect itinerary and book your Suite Class stateroom on a Celebrity Cruises sailing by visiting Celebrity Cruises or speaking with your travel agent.

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