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MAY 1, 2015


Living in Southern California means having close proximity to some terrific and prestigious wineries. Here are a couple of our favorites that are located in or just outside of southern California.

Malibu Rocky Oaks

Malibu Rocky Oaks gets its name from being located in gorgeous Malibu. With vineyards on a unique area of land that gives its wines interesting notes, Malibu Rocky Oaks stands out as one of the premier winemakers in southern California.


Zaca Mesa

Located just a couple hours drive north of Los Angeles, Zaca Mesa Winery is located along the famous Foxen Canyon wine trail in Los Olivos. Zaca Mesa is known for its handcrafted Rhone and Chardonnay varietals, plus the stunning views from its Santa Barbara County tasting room.

Want to try these local wineries? You’re in luck. They'll both be pouring at this weekend’s Great Wine Festival in Irvine. The Great Wine Festival takes place May 2 from 2:30 to 5 p.m. and features an array of California-based wineries, breweries, and restaurants.


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