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Celebrity Cruises has long been an innovative player in the cruise industry, and that extends to all parts of the cruising experience. The past year saw the introduction of a new technology to make dining at sea unlike anything you’ve done before: Le Petit Chef.

Le Petit Chef is a dining experience that will be offered on the Celebrity Edge Class of ships in the Le Grand Bistro restaurant, and is already delighting diners in the specialty restaurant, Qsine, which is currently on board Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Silhouette, and Celebrity Infinity.

So what makes Le Petit Chef such a fun experience?

The Le Petit Chef dining experience gets its name from the little animated chef that appears on your plate and “prepares” your meal for you. This preparation is quite an exciting one since he single handedly catches your seafood and runs into other adventures while dashing across your plate and traversing across the table.

It’s definitely something you have to see to fully appreciate the intricate animation (ahem...YouTube – though you may want to hold off on watching it online if you want to be surprised by Le Petit Chef’s antics during your meal)!

The technology behind Le Petit Chef is 3D projection mapping. The duo behind the artistic programming that makes Le Petit Chef come to life run the company, Skullmapping. They originally created the idea for a little animated chef for a client that ended up going in a different direction. Since they thought the idea of the world’s smallest chef was still a fun idea, they created a storyline for the chef and recorded the animation to share on social media, where it went viral.

Soon Le Petit Chef was in high demand, and Celebrity Cruises is excited that its ships are the only ones at sea where you can find this type of dining entertainment by using the innovative technology created by Skullmapping and presented by TableMation to make your table come to life.

Since Le Petit Chef is at specialty restaurants, it’s a good idea to book early and reserve your time for that restaurant soon after you reserve your cruise. If you don’t do it before you leave, be sure to reserve as soon as you board the ship.

Specialty Restaurant Packages

It’s also a good idea to look into specialty restaurant packages if you’re wanting to eat in more than one while on board. Specialty restaurants on board are a great value since they are usually a fraction of the price of what you’d spend at a similar caliber restaurant on land. If you want even more value from your specialty restaurant dining, the restaurant packages that Celebrity Cruises offer can save you money.

To book online, specialty restaurant packages need to be booked at least two days before your cruise embarks. Once on board you can go to one of the Specialty Restaurant Reservation Desks and amend your times for dining or make reservations at different restaurants. You can get specialty restaurant packages for a few different allocated number of dining times – the higher the number of times you’ll dine in one, the more you save.

To book your Celebrity Cruises vacation and then start planning all the fun you’ll have on board with dining, Le Petit Chef, and more, use Celebrity Cruises' easy-to-navigate cruise finder or speak with your travel agent.

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