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Eat it Here, Then Eat it There…

Where can you get great coffee and treats both in Orange County and while sailing at sea? Read on to find out.

Italian Cuisine, Coffee & Gelato in Orange County

A must-do for most travelers who visit Italy is trying some homemade pasta and freshly spun gelato. Those who live in Orange County are lucky — they don’t have to fly to Italy to experience that cuisine, they can just go to Vitaly.

Located in Costa Mesa, Vitaly is a cafe owned and run by a husband and wife team who were born and raised in Bologna, Italy. Vitaly serves up an array of authentic Italian dishes ranging from pastries to piadina sandwiches to lasagna, making it a great spot for a laidback lunch or date night dinner. You also can’t miss the brightly colored gelato greeting you when you enter, which is nearly impossible not to order a couple delicious scoops of, or the pleasant aroma of recently brewed Italian espresso.

Experience a Cafe at Sea

Those who love the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Vitaly along with its delicious and unpretentious Italian cuisine will enjoy spending time at Cafe al Bacio and Gelateria onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Cafe al Bacio and Gelateria is an excellent place to stop for a drink or snack whether it’s morning, noon, or night. Earlier in the day, order a steaming latte and decadent pastry. In the evening, get a sweet après-dinner cocktail. And anytime of day, select a few flavors of gelato and enjoy the creamy goodness in the warmly lit gold and sepia tones of Cafe al Bacio or while exploring the ship.

Where to Go for the Deliciousness

Vitaly is located at 2937 Bristol Street in Costa Mesa. Cafe al Bacio is located on Celebrity Solstice- and Millennium-class ships. To book your Celebrity cruise and experience Cafe al Bacio, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your local travel agent.

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