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DECEMBER 17, 2014


Looking for a day getaway in Orange County? Choose from one of Orange County’s best beach cities, which we’ve compiled with a top tip of what to do. Live in Orange County? Pretend to be a tourist for the day.

Newport Beach

Though made internationally famous by The O.C. television show, the allure of Newport Beach is nothing new to those who live in Southern California. Newport Beach has the largest recreational harbor on the west coast and it caters to surfers, swimmers, boaters, fishermen, paddle boarders and more. On land along the harbor, you’ll find a fun carnival boardwalk area teeming with rides, games, and delicious snacks like funnel cakes.

Must-Do Activity: A sunset boat cruise from the harbor is a fun way to appreciate the beauty of Newport Beach and gives you a good glimpse of the impressive oceanfront mansions that line the harbor. Welcome to the Orange County, indeed.


Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an artsy little coastal city that has an air of sophistication while still managing to be incredibly laidback. Dozens of art galleries can be found in the downtown area of Laguna Beach alongside gourmet eateries and fashionable shops. Downtown Laguna Beach also borders the ocean with a clean beach area and calmer waves than you’ll find at many other southern California beaches, making it a prime place for a swim.

Must-Do Activity: Do an art walk along the ocean. Wyland, Miranda Galleries, Village Gallery, Pacific Edge Gallery and several others all line the coast highway and are within walking distance of each other.


San Clemente

When San Clemente first came to fruition in the 1920s it was designed after a Spanish village and parts of that aesthetic still exist in the city today. Unlike some of its coastal SoCal neighbors, San Clemente feels unpretentious and has an air of an old beach town that time forgot. Though don’t worry – you’ll still find excellent restaurants and shops here, alongside San Clemente’s gorgeous coastline.

Must-Do Activity: Go for a stroll down San Clemente Pier and stop for a bowl of clam chowder in Fisherman Restaurant located at the start of the pier.


What’s your favorite Orange County Beach City?

And if Orange County beaches fail to match your expectations of the ultimate beach vibe, maybe cruising one Celebrity Cruise to an exotic destination would be a good idea!

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