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APRIL 14, 2015


Celebrity Cruises has recently introduced a new shore excursion program that adds over 70 new shore excursions to the current selection and puts an emphasis on special-interest activities. These special interests include culture and locale, lifestyle and wellness, and family-focused. There will also be shore excursions that are exclusive to Celebrity Cruises. With so many fun and exciting new shore excursions, it can be hard to choose one. We’ve gone through the new ones and found some that are ideal for southern California travelers.

World Flavors

Southern California has one of the most dynamic culinary scenes in the country and residents revel in their “foodie” status. When traveling overseas with Celebrity Cruises, you can continue your culinary adventure on the culture and locale shore excursion that focuses on World Flavors. Depending what destination you’re sailing to the World Flavors shore excursion will take you on a tour of restaurants and chef demonstrations highlighting some of the best flavors of the region.

Active Adventures

Living in southern California generally means ample opportunities to enjoy activities outside. When cruising, the Active Adventures shore excursions will also give you opportunity to explore the best outdoor adventures to be found overseas. You can choose ones that are more lifestyle- and wellness-focused or family-focused.

Private Journeys

A weekend in SoCal gives you tons of different options of what to do, whether it’s hitting downtown LA, driving up to wine country, or lounging on a beach in Orange County. It’s great to have flexibility and change your day as you see fit, and on a Celebrity cruise day in port you can keep that freedom to do as you please by opting for one of Celebrity Cruises’ private journeys, which lets you tailor your day in port as you please and Celebrity will help you with transportation and tickets you may need.

Explore all of Celebrity Cruises’ shore excursions and find out more about booking a Celebrity Cruise at Celebrity Cruises or speak to your local travel agent.


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