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You know how summer is awesome on the west coast? The water finally gets warm in southern California, the rain ends in Washington, the Bay Area’s fog slowly lifts, and the temperature rises along the entire coast line? Well, what makes summer so great on the west coast is also what makes summer so spectacular in other areas of the world, too, and you should think about exploring them this summer. One of the easiest, most relaxing ways to do that is via a cruise and now is the perfect time to book.

Why Book Your Cruise Now?

As it gets closer to summer, more and more people will be booking last minute cruises. Get ahead of those people and ensure your ideal itinerary or cabin doesn’t sell out by reserving your spot now. Booking sooner rather than later also means having more availability of where on the ship your stateroom is located. Perhaps you prefer to be closer to the side of the ship the spa or main restaurant is on, or you like being on one of the higher decks. Booking earlier and proper cruise planning help to ensure you get such a stateroom.

You’re still close enough to summer sailings, though, that you can take advantage of some great deals. Right now, Celebrity Cruises is offering its Summer Sale with cruises in oceanview staterooms beginning at $899. Plus, this Summer Sale includes a free drink package and a free Xcelerate Internet package with your fare. The latter is a big deal if you need to stay connected while sailing since Internet on cruise lines has historically been slow and expensive; Celebrity Cruises is turning that idea on its head by offering faster Wi-Fi that — for a limited time — is included in your cruise fare. If you need Internet access readily available on vacation, you’ll want to take advantage of this special. Plus, book today as part of the Summer Sale and you only need to put down 50% of the typical deposit.

Great deals aren’t the only reason to book a summer cruise right now, though. Planning a cruise vacation also means getting it on the books at work before other people ask for that week off. Once you do you’ll have something blissfully relaxing to look forward to while you sit at your desk waiting for the last of blustery temperatures to leave and summer to truly arrive.

Plus, there’s all the things you can do onboard that you can’t typically do at home, like have multi-course dinners served to you each night, take wine tasting classes, attend live music and Broadway-style shows, swim in a pool with the open ocean surrounding you, and much more.

In port, you can lounge on a beach, explore historical landmarks, do an adventurous shore excursion, or hire private transportation to make your day completely your own. Whatever your cruise plan, you’ll have an incredible summer vacation with Celebrity Cruises — as long as you don’t wait too long to book and miss out.

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