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JANUARY 2, 2015


How a Cruise Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

This year make your New Year’s resolutions fun – and easier to stick to – by planning them around a cruise. It may seem taking a vacation won’t help you keep a New Year’s resolution, but if your goal for the New Year is to start taking better care of yourself or making more time for family — two common New Year’s resolutions — than a cruise can help you do just that.

Wellness in the New Year

Thanks to an onboard spa, healthy dining options, and a myriad of fitness opportunities onboard, a cruise in the new year can be an excellent path to wellness.

Celebrity Cruises has partnered up with Canyon Ranch to offer a full-service spa onboard each of our ships. From therapeutic massages to acupuncture to relaxing facials, manicures, wraps, and more, the spa onboard Celebrity Cruises will help to get your body and mind primed for a healthier way of living.

We also have spa-focused cuisine onboard our ships where you can get fast, but healthy eats at the nutritious eatery outside the spa entrance. On the Solstice-class ships, we take this one step further with the specialty restaurant, Blu, which focuses on fresh, organic meals that have an emphasis on nutrition without compromising on good taste. Those staying in Aqua-class suites onboard the Solstice-class ships have priority for reservations in Blu (and special access to the spa!).

For fitness onboard, you can jog around the outdoor track where you’ll be able to enjoy views of the ocean while getting your heartbeat up. There is also a full gym with cardio machines and weights. Classes such as Pilates and yoga are also offered onboard.

Spending More Time with the Family

Feel like you’re working more than ever before? This is a common tale thanks to the increase in technology in the workplace, which makes it even harder to disconnect from work after getting home thanks to the ease in which you can check email on your phone or be contacted by texts. It can seem that quality family time is always being interrupted by a ding or vibration from your phone. Taking a vacation from work is one of the best ways to leave the daily grind for a bit and reconnect with your family, and a cruise is one of the most family-friendly vacations there is.

On a Celebrity cruise, kids and teen clubs onboard and entertainment for all ages eliminate potential for boredom. In port, there are a variety of shore excursions that you and your family can do which will get you all having fun and building lasting memories together.

Plus, if you travel on a European cruise, you have the excuse of telling coworkers you’ll be international so your phone and data plan won’t work. Before you get total disconnection anxiety, don’t worry – there are international plans and Celebrity Cruises ships have Internet onboard with computers you can use to check-in with work, but your coworkers don’t need to know that!

Start Planning for Your Resolutions

You can also make both of these your goals for the New Year and cross off accomplishing two resolutions with just one trip. Now doesn’t keeping your New Year’s resolutions with a cruise sound way more fun than getting a gym membership on January 1 that you’ll only end up using a few times? If so, start planning your cruise now and pick the Celebrity Cruises itinerary that is best for you or call us 1-800-647-2251 to find out more about our cruises in the new year.

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