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Celebrity Cruises’ 123go! deal just got INCLUSIVE! The 123go cruise package deal gives you the option of picking a perk for your cruise; the three perks available are:

- Free Classic Beverage Package (includes alcohol!)

- Free Gratuities

- Up to $300 to Spend Onboard per Stateroom

Typically with the 123go! promotion, you only get to pick one perk, unless traveling to Europe in which case you get to pick TWO perks. Now, however, for a limited time you can get ALL THREE perks to any of our cruise destinations if you book your cruise in a concierge class stateroom or higher.

This is a fantastic deal if you live in SoCal and here’s why: LAX. 

In addition to gorgeous weather and proximity to the ocean, living in SoCal has the added benefit of meaning you’re close to LAX, the Los Angeles International Airport and one of the biggest airports in the nation. The scale of LAX and the large number of airlines that fly in and out of it each day equates to prices to fly overseas that are often lower than other, smaller airports.

What does this mean for you and the 123go! Inclusive cruise deal? Use the money you save flying out of LAX to upgrade to a Concierge level suite on your cruise so you get all three perks of the promotion.

Or, if just getting two of the perks is important to you, simply find a cheap flight out of LAX to Europe. Here’s a hint for that: You don’t always necessarily need to fly straight to the port city from which your cruise is departing. Europe is home to budget airlines that enable you to sometimes find a connecting flight to your final destination for under $100. So, for example, if you have a departing cruise from Barcelona, you could find an excellent flight deal from LAX to London (which is actually quite common to find!) and then jump on a budget airline to Barcelona.

Celebrity Cruises also works closely with select airlines to be able to incorporate in air to our cruises for some great air and cruise package deals and LAX is one of the airports we often have excellent air specials for that are often better than you’ll find anywhere else, so call us first at 1-800-647-2251 to check what it would be for you to fly out of LAX to your dream cruise destination — and get the 123go! cruise package deal in the process!

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