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MAY 1, 2015


You can enjoy wine at home in Southern California (like at Celebrity Cruises’ land-based Great Wine Festival!), but sometimes it’s fun to explore far off lands while trying new wineries. Here are the best California wine regions to cruise to.

Marlborough:New Zealand’s esteemed wine country is Marlborough, which is located on the south island and features a flat terrain made impressive by rows upon rows of flourishing vineyards and towering mountains in the distance. You can visit Marlborough wine region on a South Pacific cruise that stops in picturesque Picton. 

Tuscany:Italy’s famous Tuscan region isn’t just home to quaint cottages; it also has a number of wineries pouring wine tastings dotted among the miles of vineyards. You can try the wines of Tuscany while on a Mediterranean cruise with a port of call in Florence. 

Napa:Arguably the best wine region in America, Napa is a short drive from San Francisco. When booking an Alaska cruise out of San Francisco, schedule a pre- or post-cruise stay and explore the wine region that put American wines on the map.

Bordeaux:France is one of the best wine growing countries in the world thanks to its old and prosperous vineyards, and the wine region of Provence is one of its most alluring. Visit Provence both to try the wines and soak in the lush, flowery scenes of southern France on a Mediterranean cruise that stops in the port of Toulon, which is adjacent to Provence.

What California wine region do you most want to cruise to?


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