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The Calabasas Malibu Wine & Food Festival was this past weekend at the Calabasas Country Club and provided a fun, vibrant platform for tasting some of the region’s best food and wine.

The Calabasas Malibu Wine & Food Festival supported a great cause, Rock Against Trafficking.

Celebrity Cruises had a booth set up at the Calabasas Malibu Wine & Food Festival where we served up wine and food along with providing chances to win some Celebrity Cruises swag (the motorized fans and wine charms were huge hits!) and to sign up to enter our free cruise sweepstakes.

Other companies also had food and wine samples and attendees had a great time walking around, eating and drinking, and learning about new local restaurants and wineries.

After the lights went down, the Celebrity logo came up on the side of the Calabasas Country Club building. And some dancing started up as well.

A great time was had by all and attendees left not only with fun memories, but also with a Celebrity Cruises / Calabasas Malibu Wine & Food Festival souvenir glass.

Think this looked like fun? Come see us at our next wine festival event we’ll be at, the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival on August 21 – August 24, 2014.

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