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AUGUST 22, 2017

Love some great views and engineering masterpieces? Head to these iconic & famous bridges, one close to home in California and another farther away in England.

Do It Here: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

A popular thing to do when visiting California’s Bay Area is seeing the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The red bridge gleams brilliantly against the blue sky and water…or hovers faintly and mysteriously in the thick gray fog that often hangs over the city. Whether you can see the entire bridge in all its glory or just pops of red through clouds, it’s a must-see while in San Francisco and if you have a car you should drive across it. Here are two other great ways to experience the Golden Gate Bridge while in San Francisco.

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge: If you’re feeling adventurous, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge instead of driving. Next to the multiple driving lanes and whizzing cars is a cordoned off walking path. Bring a windproof jacket even on a warm day as the breeze across the bridge can be harsh and chilly. The walk will be a little under four miles long if you park at the south or north end and walk all the way to the other end and back. For a shorter walk, just walk to the nearest tower and back.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area: If you drive across the bridge from downtown San Francisco, be sure to pull off into Golden Gate National Recreational Area and park by the Vista Point for an impressive view of not only the bridge, but also the San Francisco skyline across the bay.

Do It There: Tower Bridge in London

Across the Atlantic, there’s another iconic bridge with two towers and a memorable exterior: the Tower Bridge in London.

Built over 120 years ago, the Tower Bridge gets its name because the two vertical posts flanking the bridge look just like a tower you might see as part of a castle. While visiting the bridge, you can actually go inside these towers and see exhibits and do tours, including the historic Victorian Engine Rooms, rotating “Art at the Bridge” series, and an engineering tour. Sometimes morning yoga classes are even offered in the walkway. The elevated walkway also just got a new makeover with a dramatic glass floor that gives you a potentially heart-pounding look at the cars whizzing by you below.

Another near thing to see while visiting Tower Bridge is the lifting of its roadways, which was and still is considered to be an engineering marvel. The design of the bridge enables cars to pass over the river while also being able to still let ships sail through to the Pool of London docks when the roadways are up. You can find out scheduled lift times for the Tower Bridge here.

Cruise to Golden Gate Bridge and Tower London Bridge

Ready to experience the Golden Gate Bridge and the Tower London Bridge? You can visit both these famous bridges via a Celebrity cruise! You can sail to San Francisco on one of Celebrity Cruises’ Alaska or Pacific Coastal itineraries that stop in the California port city, and then sail to London on a Europe cruise through the Baltic Sea. Find out more at www.CelebrityCruises.com.

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