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Itching to cruise international and explore a new area of the world? Here are four reasons why 2017 is a great year to explore a new country (or several) with some specific country recommendations to check out in the new year.

Strong Dollar

The dollar has been trending strong against currency around the world. The Euro (€) is one such currency so if you’ve been thinking about a European cruise now is the time to book and go. Right now it’s about $1.05 to €1 (which is five to 10 cents cheaper than it was even this past summer – that can add up quickly in savings when you’re exploring port cities during a cruise!). Check current exchange rates now.

Cruising is an even more economical way to experience Europe. While onboard you’ll know that your main expenses like meals and accommodation are already covered, giving you budget peace of mind. Plus, book your cruise using Celebrity Cruises’ Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing and you’ll make your cruise even more all-inclusive meaning no monetary surprises at the end of your cruise since drink, spa, and even specialty meals can end up being included in the price of your cruise.

South Pacific Cruises to New Zealand

Lord of the Rings helped put New Zealand on the map back in the early aughts and it has been increasing in popularity ever since. New Zealand still holds its laidback charm even with the surplus of tourists and you should get there before even more people realize this remarkably beautiful country should be on their bucket list.

Even during busy travel times, there are areas of New Zealand where you’ll find the landscape to be blissfully devoid of crowds while you hike and bike along forested trails, trudge up glaciers, sip wine amid vast vineyards, kayak or ferry across majestic bays, and yes – visit Hobbiton for all your Lord of the Rings fans.

Coastal Canada

Lonely Planet recently named Canada the best place to travel in 2017. Canada is home to gorgeous, rugged landscape and vibrant cities, including some beautiful coastal ones. You can visit a couple of Canada’s most popular west coast cities on an Alaska cruise: Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia. Both cities offer cosmopolitan activities along with nature-filled adventures.

Plus, if cruising to Canada, you’ll get to continue on to Alaska after soaking up the scenery in Canada, where you’ll encounter glaciers, wildlife, small coastal mountain towns and a myriad of other nature-filled adventures.

Learn More About Other Cultures

Traveling helps to broaden your horizons and feel more connected to the world and the people in it. In a day and age where it’s easy to have world news and stories and pictures from around the globe at your fingertips, it’s still beneficial to go out and see other countries and cultures with your own five senses.

Taste the cuisine, feel the textures of local textiles in markets, smell the air, hear the sounds of a bustling city or peaceful natural setting, and look at all the beauty around you and the people that make each part of the world special.

Whether you’ve been to 50 countries, or you’ve never been out of your home country before, never stop exploring — make 2017 the year you visit a new country…or several! Visiting more than one country in a single vacation isn’t hard to do on a cruise. Through shore excursions and onboard lectures you’ll learn about the cultures of the countries you’re visiting and you can even add on pre- and post-cruise multi-day adventures in the port city in which your cruise begins or ends.

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