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JANUARY 26, 2015


Do It Here, Then Do It There…

If you’re a Southern California resident who loves to cycle around town, then you’ll love heading up to Santa Barbara one weekend and renting a bicycle to explore the extremely bike-friendly downtown. But don’t stop there…take your cycling prowess all the way to Amsterdam, a European cruise port city that also caters to bicyclists.


Biking in Santa Barbara

The main street in Santa Barbara is State Street, which runs right through the middle of downtown. State Street is home to cafes, restaurants and shops with wide sidewalks and pretty buildings, and it also happens to accommodate bicycles with plenty of bike racks to lock up your bikes as you explore the town. The side streets around Santa Barbara are also pretty to bike around with lots of trees, peeks of the ocean, and cute little bungalow-style houses.

Be sure to also stop at the historic Santa Barbara Courthouse and take the elevator to its roof for gorgeous views of Santa Barbara and the surrounding hills and Pacific Ocean.

Several services offering hourly bike rentals are available near State Street along Cabrillo Boulevard or you can strap your own bike to your car and bring it with you.


Cycling Around Amsterdam

Travelers to Amsterdam will find a bustling city full of historic sites, such as the Van Gogh Museum and Ann Frank House. The city also has a scenic canal lazily drifting through the middle of it. One of the best ways to spend a day in Amsterdam is to explore the sites (which you can do via an Amsterdam shore excursion) and then rent a bicycle and spend a couple hours biking along the canal. Take a break to grab a cup of coffee in one Amsterdam’s many cafes or enjoy a beer at the famous Heineken Museum. You won’t need to worry about your bicycle – there are plenty of bike racks around the city to park it. Bikes are treated practically like cars in Amsterdam because cycling to get around is so prevalent, so don’t be surprised if you hear some honking…coming from a bicycle!

If you’re interested in cruising to Amsterdam after biking in Santa Barbara, check out Celebrity Cruises’ excellent Northern Europe itineraries that stop in Amsterdam or contact your local travel agent.


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