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Cruisetour and City Stay Adventures that West Coasters Will Love

Cruising is a wonderful way to see the world and when you do so with Celebrity Cruises, you get to sail from port to port in modern luxury with an array of impeccably planned shore excursions along the way. What you might not know is that your vacation with Celebrity Cruises doesn’t just have to be via cruise. You can also include a pre- and post-cruise land adventure when booking many itineraries with Celebrity Cruises.

These land vacations can give you a taste of a destination from morning until night or let you explore a part of the region that is farther away from the coast and would be hard to get to without overnight stays on land along the way. Celebrity Cruises offers these ways to get more acquainted with a destination through City Stays and Cruisetours.

About City Stays with Celebrity Cruises

City Stays are a fun way to get a more in-depth experience in some of the most iconic cities around the world. City Stays let you spend three nights in the port where your cruise is beginning or ending.

You’ll stay in luxurious accommodations that are centrally located and get the chance to join a City Highlights Tour excursion during which a tour guide will lead you around the city and teach you more about it. Then you can decide what sites you want to go back to and spend more time or learn more about.

If you need additional assistance figuring out what to do with your time, you can utilize the helpful hospitality desk for Celebrity Cruises City Stay guests located in the hotel where you’re staying. Your City Stay will also include a guided Evening City Tour, a farewell dinner, and airport and cruise port transfers.

Your City Stay can be as relaxing or adventurous as you want as you explore the city where you’re staying. Celebrity Cruises offers City Stays in 16 cities around the world from Europe to Asia to the South Pacific.

About Cruisetours with Celebrity Cruises

Cruisetours combine a cruise with an escorted tour and Celebrity Cruises offers them during Alaska cruises. You’ll enjoy a 7-night or longer Alaska cruise and then be whisked away via a comfortable tour bus to the sights and sounds of inland Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in North America.

The Cruisetour experience with Celebrity Cruises includes a tour guide who will be with you each step of the way. Your tour guide will provide history and other commentary on what you’re seeing and ensure you’re all checked in and comfortable in each night’s accommodation (which will be high-end hotels and rustic chic lodges). Your tour guide will also make sure transportation is always figured out and can offer advice on what to do during free time in the various destinations you’ll be visiting.

In addition to the motor coach bus, you’ll also travel by train through breathtaking scenery, including on a glass-dome train that gives you unobstructed views of the gorgeous scenery unfolding around you.

So which land tour experiences are best for West Coast Residents?

That depends on what you're looking for in your vacation.

Alaska is often a hit with west coasters since its embarkation ports are so easy to get to – Celebrity Cruises often has many itineraries each season that leave from Seattle, Washington, or Vancouver, British Columbia. No matter where you live along the west coast you are typically in driving distance to an airport that has regular, affordable flights to Seattle or Vancouver. And if you’re a Pacific Northwest resident, you can easily drive to one of the embarkation ports!

Since Alaska is such an excellent and easy vacation for west coasters, consider using the money you’ll save on airfare (compared to flying to the Caribbean or Europe, for example) and extend your cruise vacation with a Cruisetour. Depending how much time you have, the land portion of your Cruisetour can range in length from just a couple nights to a week long adventure.

If you’re a nature lover, consider a Cruisetour itinerary that has extended time in Denali National Park and Preserve. This gorgeous, sprawling park covers six million acres and is filled with thick forests and wild animals. It is also home to North America’s tallest mountain peak: Denali, also known as Mount McKinley (its former name).

If you love city life (with some nature thrown in), you might prefer a Canadian Rockies Cruisetour. These tours are also offered in conjunction with Alaska cruises, but focus on the cities and parks of western Canada. Depending on the itinerary, you’ll spend time in the cities of Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary, and get to explore gorgeous natural areas like Jasper National Park and Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

As for City Stays, west coasters will enjoy the chance to immerse themselves further into most – or all, depending on interests! – of the cities that are part of the program.

Foodies will enjoy the chance to eat meals out in the city where your City Stay is happening. Imagine dining on multi-course Italian meals in a little canal-side trattoria in Venice, Italy, or going tapas hopping in Barcelona, Spain.

History buffs will enjoy the many museums of London, England, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, or seeing the Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome, Italy.

Nightlife mavens will enjoy exploring the cities of Auckland, New Zealand, and Hong Kong during the day and after the sun goes down at the many bars and nightclubs located in both cities.

Those who love vibrant cities framed by memorable architecture will like having extra time to explore the Opera House in Sydney, Australia; the curving rooftops of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; or the innovative buildings and parks in Singapore.

If one of those cities sounds more appealing to you to spend extra time in, choose a cruise itinerary that begins or ends in that city and add on a City Stay to your vacation. Thanks to the tour guides included in your stay, you’ll feel like an expert on that city upon returning to the west coast with lots of stories to regale your friends with.

To book your Cruisetour or City Stay, visit Celebrity Cruises #BookItList platform and conveniently reserve your cruise, tours, airfare, and shore excursions all in one easy to navigate place.

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