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Take advantage of a West Coast dream vacation with Alaska cruise!

Alaska has several nicknames, but it is the “America’s Last Frontier” moniker that probably most has people feeling daunted about visiting. It’s so far north, it’s covered in wilderness and wild animals, and there are glaciers and ice all around…so that must make it challenging to travel to, right? Wrong – especially if you live on the west coast of the United States’ mainland. Alaska isn’t as hard to visit and get around as you might think and that is thanks to cruising.

A Celebrity Cruises sailing to Alaska means you don’t have to worry about a long flight up to Alaska’s larger cities of Anchorage or Juneau. Celebrity Cruises has Alaska itineraries that depart from Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia, which are quite easy for most west coasters to get to. You can even drive to the ship depending on where you live!

From major airport hubs like LAX (Los Angeles) and SFO (San Francisco) you can often find round-trip flights for under $200. Use Flights by Celebrity to make booking flights even easier – you can do it at the same time you book your cruise – and rest assured you’re getting a good rate thanks to Celebrity’s Lowest Airfare Guarantee.

Plus, sailing from Seattle or Vancouver means you’ll have extra time in the actual state of Alaska compared to Alaska itineraries that embark from farther south (such as from San Francisco) and have to spend a day or two getting up past the Pacific Northwest.

After you embark on your cruise from Seattle or Vancouver, you can settle into your ship and relax. On the way up to your first port in Alaska, you won’t be cramped in a tight airplane seat, and can instead rest comfortably in luxurious accommodations, dine on gourmet cuisine, and watch entertaining shows. During the day you can head out on your verandah or the ship deck to watch the gorgeous Alaskan scenery unfold around you as you sail through gorgeous passages and by icy glaciers.

In port you’ll get the chance to explore fishing villages and old mining towns. You can also partake in a shore excursion and head out into the Alaskan wild: helicopter to the top of a glacier, kayak around a scenic bay, go dog sledding through the snow, or trying your hand at mining for gold.

To experience even a wider range of Alaska’s sights, make your cruise a cruisetour. This is an amazing way to experience all the beauty and splendor of Alaska since you’ll be seeing the coastal sights like Hubbard Glacier and the cute seaside town of Ketchikan, plus you’ll get to travel through Alaska’s inland wilderness.

An Alaska cruisetour with Celebrity Cruises typically combines a full length Alaska cruise with a 3- to 5-night escorted tour via a comfortable motor coach and glass-dome train to Denali National Park and beyond. You’ll stay in rustic lodges and travel with a guide who will get you settled in each new spot. Your guide will also be a knowledgeable expert on Alaska and will teach you all about the region you’re traveling through.

Huge Cruise Savings for Alaska with the Sail Beyond Event

Now is the perfect time to book the best Alaska cruise itinerary you will ever see, since Celebrity Cruises’ Sail Beyond Event is happening for a limited time.

With the Sail Beyond Event you get two free perks during your cruise when you book an ocean view stateroom or higher category. These perks help to make your cruise feel like an all-inclusive vacation.

You get to choose the perks that will give you the most value based on how you like to vacation and what’s important to you. Here are the perks you can choose your two from:

  • Classic Beverage Package, which includes alcoholic drinks and lets you have unlimited drinks for the duration of your cruise.
  • $150 On Board Credit, which you can spend on spa treatments, specialty restaurants, premium drinks, shore excursions, and more.
  • Prepaid Gratuities, which cover the recommended daily tip amount for your stateroom attendant and other services.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi. Get access to high-speed Wi-Fi for the duration of your cruise.

If you stay in a suite, you get an even better deal – all four perks plus your Classic Beverage Package is upgraded to a Premium Beverage Package. Suites also come with concierge or butler service and access to exclusive restaurants and lounge spaces on board.

The best staterooms and suites on Alaska cruises sell out quickly – especially for the Seattle departure sailings – so don’t delay on booking your cruise adventure to Alaska.

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