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A Veranda on a Cruise is Especially Ideal for SoCal Residents

Sailing the straits of Alaska or the glistening Mediterranean Sea is memorable under most any circumstance, but traveling around those regions while staying in a veranda stateroom on a cruise is a truly memorable experience. Southern Californians will especially be glad they upgraded their cruise stateroom to one with a veranda, especially right now thanks to Celebrity Cruises exclusive cruise deals.

Why You’ll Love Having a Veranda Stateroom

On Celebrity Cruises, veranda staterooms are the epitome of Modern Luxury. Soothing colors and sleek finishes make up the decor of the room. Beyond the comfortable bed, flatscreen television and polished living area lies large glass doors that lead to…your own private veranda.

For Southern Californians, having a veranda stateroom means feeling like you’ve brought a bit of home with you. Those of us in SoCal are used to enjoying the great outdoors all the time thanks to SoCal’s temperate climate, and having your own veranda means getting to step out into fresh air first thing in the morning. Enjoy breakfast on the veranda as you watch the scenery of the region sail by, or privately enjoy a glass of wine outdoors before heading to dinner at one of Celebrity Cruises’ gourmet specialty cruise restaurants.

Make Your Alaska or Europe Cruise All-Inclusive

Book a veranda stateroom on a cruise to Alaska or Europe today and take advantage of the just extended 123Go deal. Typically the 123Go special lets you pick one or two perks of three choices: Free gratuities, free beverage package for the duration of your cruise (which includes alcohol), or onboard credit that you can use toward spa packages, specialty restaurants and more activities and amenities onboard.

For a limited time, the 123Go deal is letting you get ALL THREE perks when you book a veranda stateroom on an Alaska or Europe cruise departing in 2015, which provides huge savings and gives your cruise an all-inclusive air.

To find the itinerary that’s best for you and to book your cruise, speak to your local travel agent.

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