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April 14, 2016

The Celebrity Cruises SoCal Blog is now the Celebrity Cruises West Coast Blog! We are excited to be continuing to bring you fresh content about California, but now it will apply to the entire west coast of the United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii. We’ll also continue to let you know about special deals and event coming up for west coast residents. Here’s what you can find on this site:

Cruising for West Coasters

Articles talking about what type of cruise or port of call you’ll most like based off of your favorite west coast city or activity, such as a Southern Californian who loves the San Diego Zoo may enjoy a Galapagos cruise. We’ll also highlight aspects onboard or in port during a cruise that will be of particular interest to many residents living on this side of the country, like craft beer experiences onboard Celebrity Cruises. Wondering what life onboard a cruise is like and what ship or stateroom is best for you? We’ll talk about that on the new Celebrity Cruises blog, too.

We’ll also let you know about special deals or promotions that you may want to take advantage of and why each deal is beneficial to West Coasters. If there’s anything new coming up in the world of Celebrity Cruises that we think will be of interest to those living in the west, such as wine-focused cruises, you’ll also likely find a write-up about it on here and why you’ll like it.

Port of Call Spotlights

Wondering what there is to do in port cities around the world? Each month we’ll highlight a new port and talk about what cruises sail to it and what activities and shore excursions you can do while there. You can also check out our existing Port of Call Spotlights in the Celebrity Cruises blog archives.

Upcoming Events on the West Coast

Celebrity Cruises will have a presence at fun events like wine and food festivals all around the west coast this year. At many of these events we’ll be pouring wine or cocktails that we serve onboard our ships, plus attendees will have the opportunity to enter to win prizes, including a free cruise. The Celebrity Cruises Blog About page lists out which ones are coming up next.

West Coast Life

This blog isn’t only about cruising. We’ll also talk about activities you can do at home on the west coast, ranging from restaurants and hikes to special attractions and historic landmarks.


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