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Cruisetours, City Stays, and Explorations with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers several different types of vacation packages depending how much time you have, where you want to go, and how guided you’d like your trip to be. But they all have one thing in common: a fabulous stay on land followed (or occasionally following) a modern luxury cruise at sea.

Here’s what you can expect on each of Celebrity’s vacation packages:


Celebrity Cruises offers Cruisetours as part of its Alaska sailings. A Cruisetour combines a cruise with a small-group tour, which means you’ll spend your days on land with an expertly put together itinerary and a guide to make sure everything goes smoothly – plus plenty of free time to explore on your own.

As the U.S.A’s biggest state, Alaska has a lot to offer travelers, and a Cruisetour lets you explore both the coastal and interior regions of Alaska, or you can opt for a Cruisetour itinerary that lets you explore more of the large country to Alaska’s south: Canada.

Cruisetour Through Inland Alaska

You’ll take a train into the wilderness of Alaska and explore national parks, towering glaciers, and stay in rustic and luxurious lodges. A highlight for many exploring the interior of Alaska is a visit to Denali, home to America’s highest mountain peak.

Cruisetour Through the Canadian Rockies

When you add on a Canadian Rockies tour to your Alaska cruise departing from Vancouver, you’ll spend time touring some of Canada’s most spectacular cities, including Vancouver, Jasper, Banff, and Calgary, with some nature exploration thrown in. You can also choose a Cruisetour itinerary for the Canadian Rockies that puts more of a focus on some of Canada’s gorgeous national parks instead of cities.

Also, a bonus for west coasters – these Cruisetours are often very easy to get to thanks to affordable flights up and down the west coast!

City Stays

For those who want a less intensive land stay before or after their cruise that still lets them have the chance to get an in-depth experience of one particular destination, a City Stay through Celebrity Cruises is an ideal option. A City Stay is offered in nearly all of Celebrity Cruises’ embarkation ports; in other words, the city where your cruise begins.

City Stays takes out the guess work and research for you about where to stay and sites to see you can’t miss because Celebrity Cruises has already figured it out for you.

You’ll stay for three nights in an ideally situated high-end hotel that includes breakfast. During your stay you’ll also get to take part in a fully guided day tour around the city with a destination expert who will tell you just about everything you could possibly want to know about the city you’re visiting and show you its top sites. You’ll also have an evening city tour option that includes a farewell dinner.

In addition to your tours and hotel stay, you’ll find convenience abounds on your City Stay since your hotel will have a Celebrity Cruises hospitality desk to assist you with any needs you may have. You’ll also have transfers to the hotel from the airport and then onto your ship when the City Stay portion of your vacation package ends, making for an even more relaxing, stress-free time.

A small sample of cities you can do a City Stay in before your cruise includes: Athens, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Rome, Singapore, and Sydney.

Celebrity Explorations

Like Cruisetours and City Stays, Celebrity Explorations itineraries let you see the world by both land and sea, making for a unique and memorable vacation. However, the Explorations differ a bit by taking places in a location completely different from where your cruise will be. You’ll fly to one place for an in-depth vacation on land, and then hop on another plane to get to your cruise in Europe. Where can you visit as part of the land portion of your Celebrity Explorations package? Iceland for hot springs and Northern Lights chasing or Tanzania for an African Safari.

During your Celebrity Explorations vacation, expert guides and cultural excursions will give you an in-depth view of what makes the place you’re visiting so special. With Celebrity Cruises Explorations you can also be assured that you’ll be traveling in luxury, whether going from port to port on a cruise ship or spending the night in an opulent hotel. 

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