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Celebrity Cruises West Coast is comprised of a dedicated regional team that is part of the award-winning cruise line, Celebrity Cruises. We are dedicated to providing the West Coast of the United States with local promotions and topics of interest that inspire you to travel. Celebrity Cruises West Coast also hosts and participates in events all over the West Coast.

West Coast Articles

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How to Have the Ultimate Wine Cruise Experiences at Sea

Culinary Cruise Tips for a Memorable Vacation

Le Petit Chef: A Culinary and Technological Masterpiece

Tips for Eating Healthy and Staying Fit on a Cruise

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West Coast Articles

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A Cruise Spa Like No Other

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Get Married at Sea with Celebrity Cruises

What West Coasters Need to Know About Cruising

5 Questions a First-Time Cruiser Must Ask

Experience the Wines of Oregon and Tuscany During a Cruise

How to Pack Just a Carry-On For a Cruise

West Coast Articles

Pack for a Cruise Regardless of Occasion

How to Visit All 7 Continents in 7 Years

Guess The City Called Venice of America

Guess the Town Producing Virgin Olive Oil

Dos and Don'ts for Cruise Embarkation Day

Cable Cars in San Francisco, Lisbon Trams in Europe

Guess The Name of This Culinary Capital

Guess This Area with Whale Viewing

West Coast Articles

Guess Where to Find This Bicycle Race

Guess The Location of this Historic Castle

Guess the Name of This City of Culture

Guess This Gold Rush 19th Century City

Guess This Island of Enchantment

West Coast Articles

Guess Where to Find This Black Sand Beach

Guess Where To Eat Cornmeal and Okra Dish

Guess This Island with a Pink Beach

Guess This Island With Shallow Reefs

Guess This Best of Seaside Towns

Go For Malibu and Santorini Wine Tasting

List of the Top Seafood in Orange County

Guess This City with a Gothic Castle

West Coast Articles

Guess This Unesco World Heritage Site City

The Best Dining in Southern California

Golden Foodies Features an Iron Chef Host

Amazing Italian Cuisine in OC and Onboard

Our Style Week OC Design Competitons

Design Competitions at Style Week OC

Guess Where to Find This Ancient Village

West Coast Articles

Guess the Name of the Capital of Liguria

Guess This Fur Trade Industry Outpost

Guess The Country In Treaty of Versailles

City in One of Least Religious Countries

Guess This City in the Amazon Jungle

Name the City with Highest Taxes in the World

West Coast Articles

This City Hosts Famous Film Festivals

This Town Has Famous Benedictine Monks

Guess the Town Famous for Mother of Pearl

Guess This Art Nouveau Style Town

Guess This Art Nouveau Architecture Town

The Best Town to View Natural Habitat

Guess This Town with No Happy Hour

West Coast Articles

Guess Where They Make St Germain Liqueur

The Most Beautiful White Sand Beach

Guess This Example of Natural Landmarks

Guess the Island With the Grotta Azzurra

Guess The Home of this Richmond Bridge

Guess This Location With Whale Migration

West Coast Articles

Guess This City with a Pirate Tower

Town Located Among Archipelago Islands

Prizes for the Style Week OC Runway Show

Taste Celebrity California Sweepstakes

Enjoy a Temecula Wine Tasting Excursion

The Grass is Greener on Solstice Ships

Our Top Mediterranean Cruises are Waiting

We Show You The Best Hiking in LA

West Coast Articles

Travel Ideas for an Amazing Holiday

Enjoy Our Photography Cruise Activities

Visit a California Wine Area and Sample

Visit Catalina Island for Natural Wonders

City Located in Top Wine Production Area

City That is One-Third Roman Catholic

Guess The City with Beach Runway Airport

Guess This City With a Pristine Coastline

West Coast Articles

Guess This City With a River of Flowers

Guess This City With a Russian Market

Guess This City with a Colorful River

City with Clock Fed by Underground Pipe

Guess the City With Camels on Beach Area

Guess the Name of This City with Odd Laws

Guess This Largest Canyon in the Country

Guess The Name of Little Venice Island

West Coast Articles

Guess The Location of This Sacred House

Guess This Town With Famous Beaches

Island with One of the Top Golf Resorts

Guess This Top Scuba Diving Spots City

Guess this City Called Modern Day Pompeii

Guess the City with Statue of Liberty

Guess the Location of This Lost City of Atlantis

Guess This Proud Overweight Country

West Coast Articles

Alaska Cruises for West Coast Residents

City Written About in Marco Polo History

Guess the Name of This Medieval City

Guess Where to Find This Medieval Town

Guess the Name of This Seaside Resort

Guess this Sunny Buddhist Thai Island

Guess This Top Vacation Destination

Choose Blu Restaurant for Amazing Cuisine

Book a Cruise Now For Three Free Perks

Taking a Cruise to visit Cable Cars and Trams

Get Married at Sea with Celebrity Cruises

Go Best When You Go to Europe

Visit All 7 Continents in 7 Years or less

Murano Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises

Summer Cruise Sale for West Coasters

West Coast Articles

Book Cruises International for Best Deals

Best Celebrity Cruise Ships for Your Dream Destination

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