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Breaking Down the Perks: Unlimited Cruise Wi-Fi Plus Other Technology on Celebrity Cruises

We get it. You want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with your family, forget about work deadlines, and focus more on the great outdoors than a computer screen. You are ready to unplug from the world of Wi-Fi on your cruise vacation…but, it is the 21st century and you still need some online time during your trip.

Whether it’s to periodically check into work, get email updates from the pet sitter, or upload a picture to your Instagram account, at certain points during your cruise you’re going to want to be online, and that’s totally fine!

At Celebrity Cruises we want you to feel comfortable and like the ship is your (luxury) home away from home for the duration of your vacation.

For most people, part of being at home means easy access to the Internet so you can effortlessly check your email, scroll through social media, and stream movies and podcasts.

Celebrity Cruises has put a focus on making it easy to connect to high speed Internet while at sea, too. Gone are the days of super slow Internet service while cruising. You may have heard tales from other travelers of pay-by-the-minute plans on cruises and having to access email in the public computer room where it would take five minutes just to get your account to load. That’s not the case with a Celebrity Cruises sailing – Celebrity Cruises’ modern luxury is modern right down to the technology and cruise Wi-Fi.

This is because Celebrity Cruises has its XCelerate Internet at Sea, which is an innovative Wi-Fi service that provides a higher speed of Internet access than is typically found while sailing through the ocean. Celebrity XCelerate is on Celebrity Cruises’ entire fleet, with the exception of cruise ships sailing around the Galapagos Islands (though Celebrity Cruises’ Galapagos ships still have Wi-Fi available in the public areas so you can stay connected if needed).

When sailing with Celebrity Cruises, you can access the Wi-Fi network nearly everywhere on ship, including from your stateroom. Celebrity Cruises offers different packages depending on your needs, ranging from plans with a set number of minutes to unlimited Wi-Fi access (which is a popular one for a lot of people these days).

If unlimited cruise Wi-Fi access is important to you then you will love Celebrity Cruises’ ongoing perk promotion.

Celebrity Cruises has a perk special that lets you pick a high-value perk when you sail in an ocean view stateroom or higher accommodation category. The perks are:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Classic Beverage Package
  • $150 to Spend on Board
  • Prepaid Tips

Meeting travelers’ demands of having fast cruise Wi-Fi isn’t the only way Celebrity Cruises is tech savvy. Here are some of the other ways you can enjoy electronics on the ship.

Television Functions in Staterooms

The flat-screen television in your stateroom isn’t just for watching on-demand movies. You can also set it to a channel where it shows a view from the deck (an especially great feature for cruisers with interior staterooms). In addition, you can move beyond just watching the screen and interact with it. Use your TV and remote to order room service, check port information, and more, all from the comfort of your stateroom’s bed or couch.

Order Using an iPad at Qsine

Even the restaurants are getting techy on Celebrity Cruises. Qsine is a specialty restaurant on board Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Summit, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Millennium, and Celebrity Constellation.

While dining at Qsine, guests can browse menu options on an iPad and order straight from it. Then the tech fun turns to foodie fun as your cuisine is presented in artistic and creative ways and you get the opportunity to taste new food pairings and inventive flavor combinations.

Winning tech and dinner combos will continue on Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, Celebrity Edge. At Le Grand Bistro you’ll get to watch, fascinated, as your dining table comes to life. Your place setting won’t just be for eating off of at this fun restaurant; instead, it will also play host to an animated chef, “Le Petite Chef,” who will appear beside your plate and show you how he “prepares” each dish before it’s served to you.

Celebrity iLounge with Fast Cruise Wi-Fi and Apple Products

The Celebrity iLounge is a room on board that serves as the digital and technology hub on the ship for passengers. Those who don’t want to travel with a laptop can use the computers in the iLounge throughout the day to access the cruise Wi-Fi as the lounge is open 24 hours. Certified Apple experts are on hand to assist you with using any of the products and there are also Apple products available to purchase.

The Celebrity iLounge also has a variety of classes guests can take during the cruise to further their computer education. Some of these classes will teach you how to edit videos and photos, how to create websites, tricks and tips for using an iPad or other Apple device, and more.

Tech for Kids and Teens on Celebrity Cruises

Kids and teenagers traveling with their family on Celebrity Cruises will also delight at the technology on board. The Kids Club has gaming consoles to play with such as XBox. Teenagers also can use a GoPro camera during the cruise to take videos and then learn how to expertly edit the footage all together in the Celebrity iLounge.

Book Your Trip and Get Your Free Cruise Wi-Fi Perk

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You can then visit the #BookItList platform that Celebrity Cruises has created to make it easy for you to book your cruise vacation and turn your bucket list dreams into reality. You can reserve your cruise stateroom, book your airfare (with a Lowest Airfare Guarantee thanks to Flights by Celebrity) and even arrange onboard activities and shore excursions all in one convenient place.

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