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Five Ways to Get the Most From Your Celebrity Cruises Vacation

Choose the destination that’s right for you.

Cruises can take you practically anywhere on the planet without giving up the comforts of home, so open yourself up to every possibility. We’re constantly scouring the globe for exciting new destinations and experiences to offer you. Try an exotic vacation to Asia or South America. Experience nature and adventure on an Alaska cruise. Foodie? Art lover? History buff? Our Europe cruises have something for everyone. Or, escape to the Caribbean and just unwind. With 13 award-winning ships, we sail to more than 300 destinations across all seven continents. So, whatever experience you’re looking for, you’ll find the modern luxury vacation that suits you best with these cruise vacation tips.

Take advantage of Celebrity Shore Excursions to discover your ports of call.

Everything is taken care of—you just show up and enjoy. Our shore excursions are curated by experts who know your destinations better than anyone. In fact, our Uniquely Celebrity Shore Excursions offer experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We have options for every kind of explorer—from relaxing sunset catamaran cruises in the tropics to our delicious, award-winning Chef’s Market DiscoveriesSM tours. We recommend you browse and reserve your excursions before you sail, which you can do right on our website, to ensure you get the tours you want.

Make your dinner plans before you sail, too.

Beyond our Main Restaurant, we offer up to 12 distinctive restaurants with menus crafted by our Michelin-starred chef and the most awarded wine collection at sea. Whether you’re craving the nouveau French cuisine of Murano or a taste of Northern Italy at Tuscan Grille, our specialty restaurants will wow even the most discerning palates. Just remember: choose your restaurants and make your reservations before you sail to make sure you snag the table you want, when you want.

Pack a carry-on bag.

On cruises, your luggage will be delivered from the pier to your room the day you board and picked up the night before you depart the ship, so in both cases, you might be without it for a few hours. Bring a small bag with a few essentials, like medications, toiletries, and a change of clothes. And, don’t forget a swimsuit. After all, why not enjoy a refreshing dip in the Solarium pool before your ship even sets sail?

Don’t forget chargers and battery packs for your digital devices.

You might use them more than you think. Our XcelerateSM high-speed internet lets you stream your favorite movies and shows, as well as video chat and share your cruise vacation photos with family back at home.

Vacationing with Celebrity makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination, especially when you follow these easy cruise vacation tips.

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