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Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Onboard Credit

If your cruise booking comes with some onboard credit, first off, lucky you! And secondly, you probably want to know now how you can put that credit to use.

During your cruise, onboard credit can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you want some extra funds for pampering or for port excitement, your onboard credit will help you have more fun on your cruise while saving money.

In case you’re still a bit confused on what exactly onboard credit is, let’s get that explanation out of the way. When you book a cruise, onboard credit can be an incentive that comes with your cruise. It essentially is a kind of cash back but can only be used on the cruise ship. So if you don’t use your onboard credit during your cruise you’ll lose it at the end. Therefore, you obviously should put it to use or it’s like leaving money in the table.

How to Use Cruise Onboard Credit

Here are some of the great ways you can use your onboard credit during your cruise vacation on one of our luxurious ships.

Book That Once in a Lifetime Shore Excursion

We make it a priority to put together exquisite shore excursions that let you experience the beauty and culture of a port of call. It’s what makes us one of the best cruise lines in the world. In addition, our shore excursions are an effortless way to travel since you’ll be met right at the port and whisked away on your excursion with a guarantee of being back before your ship departs for the next cruise port. Using your onboard credit toward a shore excursion is an excellent way to enhance your cruise experience and the memories you make during it.

Whether your dream is to take a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain to go dog sledding in Alaska or partake in a private, chauffeured experience to the wineries of Tuscany during a Mediterranean cruise – or whatever exciting activity is on your bucket list – you can book it, knowing your onboard credit will be applied toward the total cost of your shore excursions.

Pamper Yourself in the Spa

Use your onboard credit to justify some extra pampering in the onboard spa. Your onboard cruise can be used toward virtually any treatment, which range from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures to acupuncture and medispa procedures.

If you are booked onto Celebrity Edge, (the brand new drool-worthy ship we can’t wait to debut in December) and want to increase the length of time you get to hang out in the spa, forego a more expensive treatment and use your onboard credit to get a day pass to the SEA Thermal Suite during each day at sea you have.

You can also use your onboard credit for some of those deliciously healthy smoothies in our spa café.

Be Liberated From the Cost of Libations

Use your onboard credit toward beverage packages and high-end drinks on board so you can enjoy a cocktail or two without worrying about the extra cost. If you know you’ll likely be enjoying drinks each day, one of our beverage packages is the way to go since it gives you unlimited drinks throughout the duration of your cruise. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage packages are available and differ depending on if you want premium liquor, higher end wines, or craft beer (Classic vs. Premium beverage packages), or if you’d like specialty coffees and teas or bottled water (non-alcoholic beverage package options).

If you like to enjoy a drink or two during your vacation, but not every day, a beverage package may not be necessary, but you can still use your cruise onboard credit toward any à la carte drinks you buy.

Go on a Shopping Spree

We have a number of boutiques on board our ships that make for an exhilarating time shopping at sea. Get a new outfit to wear to dinner that evening or find a destination-focused souvenir to remember your vacation by – whatever you choose, it will likely fall under the category of what your onboard credit can be applied to.

Dine in a Specialty Restaurant

Want to try some of the tantalizing flavors in one of our specialty restaurants? Experience that restaurant guilt-free thanks to cruise onboard credit since any you have can be applied toward specialty restaurant fees.

Use It as an Extra Tip

At the end of your cruise if you find yourself with some onboard credit still left over, head to guest relations and ask that it be given as a tip to a service person onboard who helped make your cruise a truly wonderful experience.

How to Get Cruise Onboard Credit

When planning a cruise, onboard credit is often part of a special offer to entice you to book certain itineraries or destinations. The amount of onboard credit typically varies depending on the time of year, your destination, and – in particular – the stateroom or suite category you book. To find current onboard credit offers, visit our cruise deals page.

One of the best ways to get a lot of onboard credit for your next cruise is to book it on your current cruise. Though special offers vary by itinerary and destination, there’s a good chance onboard credit will be offered and that it may be more than if you’d waited to book back on land. During your cruise, stop by the future cruise reservations desk to inquire about special offers and get personalized help to plan your next cruise.

A Few Things to Remember About Cruise Onboard Credit

You can’t use your onboard credit to pay for things in advance, though you can reserve activities you’ll be using your credit for once on the ship.

At the end of your cruise, onboard credit will be applied to your final bill for the expenses you incurred during the cruise. Onboard credit will not apply to medical bills for an treatments you had on the ship. If you’re not sure whether something you need to purchase on the ship will have your onboard credit applied to it, check with the guest relations desk who will be able to advise you.

Also, remember that you can’t use your onboard credit your final morning on your Celebrity Cruises ship. Onboard credit must be used before midnight on the last night of your cruise.

Book a Cruise and Put Your Onboard Credit to Use

Start browsing all of our incredible cruise itineraries and find the one that best fits your vacation dreams, then start planning all the fun and sumptuous ways you’ll use your cruise onboard credit once your vacation begins.

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