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Don't Let Some Rainy Weather Ruin Your Cruise Fun

You’re on your cruise vacation and you’re all excited to enjoy a day at sea with a poolside lounge chair, a good book, and a fruity cocktail. But then you step outside onto your stateroom veranda and see it: rain.

If one of your cruise days at sea is punctuated by rain falling on the outdoor decks where you were planning to relax and hang out – don’t worry; you can still find plenty of fun, relaxation, and vacation vibes without stepping outside into that rain thanks to all of the things to do on board. Here are some excellent ways to spend a rainy cruise day – both on the ship and in port.

Explore a New Part of the Ship On a Rainy Cruise Day

Ships like the ones in Celebrity Cruises’ fleet are large with a myriad of public spaces where you can do entertaining activities or converse with friends old and new. If it’s raining, take a look at the ship map and pick out a place on board you haven’t been to yet and then go check it out.

This might be a modern lounge with stunning ocean views, a relaxing corner in the library, a sojourn in the cafe, or some of those onboard shops you have yet to browse. Depending where you end up on your ship exploration, you might just discover a new favorite place to spend your remaining days on vacation.

Stay In and Lounge to Escape the Rain

We’ve all had those rainy days at home when nothing sounds better than cuddling up on a couch with a warm drink and a new novel or movie to devour. Well, guess what? You can have that on a cruise ship, too – only you’ll have ocean views, a luxuriously appointed stateroom or suite to lounge in, and no worry about pressing work deadlines, carpool pickup, or dishes that need to be done.

Grab a specialty coffee from the café or a glass of wine at Cellar Masters and then chill in your stateroom. If you get so comfortable you don’t want to leave, no problem – simply take a break from that on-demand movie you’re watching on your television and order some room service free of charge.

A Rainy Cruise Day Might Be Your Lucky Day at the Casino

If rain is keeping you away from the pool, try your luck at the onboard casino. Play a hand or two of blackjack or have some fun on the slot machines. Who knows? Maybe you’ll win big and can treat yourself to another quintessential rainy cruise activity: a spa day.

Spa Time Will Make You Forget It’s a Rainy Cruise

That’s right, the spa is the perfect place to while away a rainy cruise day. Celebrity Cruises offers Canyon Ranch Spa on the majority of its ships and is debuting an incredible new space aptly called The Spa on its newest ship, Celebrity Edge. Whether you’re at Canyon Ranch Spa or The Spa, you will have an incredibly rejuvenating experience from start to finish.

The spas onboard Celebrity Cruises’ fleet of ships offer a wide assortment of treatments, ranging from manicures and pedicures to facials and massages, plus medical spa treatments like Botox® and laser procedures. You can even get acupuncture done during your cruise.

Before your treatment, sit in the tranquil relaxation room and let your worries (and the thought of rain on vacation) drift away as you listen to soothing music in a calm setting.

If you’re an AquaClass stateroom guest on Celebrity Cruises, rainy days are even better because you can just head to the Persian Garden where you get unlimited access to the comforting space; blissfully close your eyes amid soothing music and aromatherapy while you lay on heated chairs. On Celebrity Edge, the Persian Garden has been revamped into the SEA Thermal Suite, which extends beyond a relaxation room to a Crystalarium, Salt Room, Steam Room, Infrared Sauna Room, Float Room, Rainfall Water Therapy Room and Hammam. AquaClass guests get complimentary access to the entire SEA Thermal Suite of offerings.

Check Your Daily Cruise Newsletter

Every evening the Celebrity Today newsletter with the next day’s cruise agenda is placed in your stateroom or suite. If rain is the forecast, check what activities are going on. Celebrity Today conveniently lists for you everything happening on board that is hosted by the ship’s crew. See if there is a new fitness class you want to check out, an interesting lecture that will teach you something new, a cooking demonstration, a dance class, a trivia game or Bingo, or one of the many other onboard experiences offered throughout your cruise.

Don’t see a free class or activity that piques your interest? Check out some of the CelebrityLife classes. CelebrityLife is Celebrity Cruises’ onboard enrichment program that encompasses four main categories: Taste, Learn, Revive, and Play. CelebrityLife activities include things like wine tasting 101, mixology, food and wine pairing, and other interesting classes. On a rainy cruise day, check to see if there’s a class starting soon that you can enjoy.

Keep the Kids Entertained on a Rainy Cruise Day

Kids are usually happy to while away a rainy day in the onboard kids’ clubs, but if they need more to do, head to the arcade, see if there’s an all-ages dance class or craft being led by the ship’s crew, or head to the card room and see what board games are in there that you can challenge each other to and have a day of family bonding fun.

Rainy Cruise Time in Port

If it is raining during a day you’re in port, don’t stress. Most shore excursions can continue on even if it’s raining. To ensure rain doesn’t damper your day in port, pack a poncho or easy to pack rain jacket in your daypack. Stick in an extra pair of socks as well in case your feet get wet while exploring the port of call in the rain. It’s also a wise idea to make sure your touring shoes and your daypack are water resistant.

If rain does have an impact on your plans for the day in port, stay flexible and be spontaneous. Find an off-the-beaten-path café or bar and chat with some locals, or head to the nearest shopping center and pick up some cool souvenirs. Museums are also a great place to spend a rainy day in port and can teach you more about the history and culture of where you’re visiting.

If you haven’t booked your cruise yet, you can find your ideal itinerary, rain or shine, with Celebrity Cruises.

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