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A Complete Guide to Transatlantic Cruising

A Transatlantic cruise is the name given to sailings that cruise across the Atlantic Ocean, typically between Europe and North America. You’ll also find Transatlantic cruises that sail between Europe and South America.

If you’re wondering what a transatlantic cruise’s appeal is and how these itineraries differ from other cruises, read on. We have all the transatlantic cruise answers you’re looking for.

What is a Transatlantic Cruise Itinerary Like?

One of the first things that set apart a transatlantic cruise from other cruise itineraries is the number of days you spend at sea…in a row.

If you’re thinking: but wait, I thought one of the benefits of a cruise vacation is visiting multiple different ports of call easily and on a fun mode of transportation, don’t worry – you’re still right.

Transatlantic cruises do visit ports of call, typically at the beginning and end of the cruise. However, when the ship is crossing the big blue Atlantic Ocean….well, there’s not obviously much land there. And it takes some time to cross an entire ocean, so passengers on transatlantic cruises settle in and get ready to enjoy a resort-style vacation at sea.

A transatlantic cruise is unique in that it gives you a relaxing vacation and an adventurous trip.

For the relaxing part, those are the days at sea where you just need to think about pool lounging, spa pampering, gourmet food eating, and delicious drinking. Plus a lot of fun entertainment like theater shows, dance clubs with DJs, live music, and wine tasting classes.

Transatlantic cruises also have adventuresome ports of call, during which you can explore secluded beaches, tour ancient ruins, amble around exciting cities, and do a variety of other activities depending which port you’re in.

Sunset in Lisbon, Portugal

What are Transatlantic Cruise Ports of Call?

Wonder just what those transatlantic cruise ports are? It depends on the destinations you’re sailing between.

Our transatlantic cruises set sail from both sides of the Atlantic. Common European departure ports are Amsterdam, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Rome, Italy; or Southampton, England. They all end in Miami, Florida. On the flip side, cruises sailing eastbound depart from Miami and end in one of the aforementioned European cities. Occasionally you’ll find a transatlantic sailing that sails between those European cruise ports and Brazil.

In between those two end ports, there are enthralling cities and exotic islands you’ll visit as your ship makes its way across the Atlantic.

Lisbon, Portugal, is an especially popular stop as it is located at the western edge of Europe and is a city rich in architectural beauty and historic sites. Another popular city in Europe to visit on transatlantic cruises is Malaga, Spain, from where it is easy to visit the alluring city of Granada or travel along the Costa del Sol coastline.

On the North America side, your cruise may stop in New York City or Boston where you’ll find two of America’s most beloved cities with a wide range of things to do.

Transatlantic cruises also may stop in the cities of Paris, France; Nice, France; Provence, France; Bruges, Belgium; Cartagena, Spain; and Florence/Pisa, Italy.

Now for those gorgeous islands you can visit on a transatlantic cruise. The Portugal territory of the Azores and the Spain territory of the Canary Islands are two of the European archipelagos you can visit on your cruise. You’ll find sandy beaches, volcanic landscape, and vibrant culture throughout both these island chains.

As you get closer to North America, Bermuda and the Bahamas are both possible stops for some island fun in the sun.

Lawn Club on Celebrity Cruises ship

What Can You Do on Sea Days During Transatlantic Cruises?

The short answer is…pretty much whatever you want! The longer answer is that days at sea provide you with the opportunity to explore the ship and rejuvenate yourself for several days in a row before having to depart.

There are so many things you can do and ways to pamper yourself on the ship. Sleep in, get room service breakfast and read a novel on your balcony. Wake up early, go for a run on the jogging path with an ocean view and then hit up the decadent breakfast buffet before heading to a spa appointment. Lounge by the pool and then head to an early evening wine tasting class before going to a specialty restaurant followed by an energetic theater show.

Park and Skyline of Boston, Massachusetts

What is a Transatlantic Cruise’s Cost?

A great aspect of taking transatlantic cruises are the excellent value they can provide. Due to being usually offered in shoulder season (spring or fall months) when a ship is repositioning from one destination to another, and because most people don’t want multiple days at sea (because they don’t know the secrets to transatlantic cruising like you do) you can find transatlantic sailings at incredible rates.

Use the savings to book yourself a balcony stateroom or suite so you can spend time on your private veranda scanning the ocean for whales, dolphins, and other wildlife.

Or use those savings to book yourself multiple spa treatments during your days at sea and turn that part of your cruise into a spa vacation.

Book Your Transatlantic Cruise

Ready to book your luxurious vacation and adventurous getaway all rolled into one epic cruise itinerary? Search for your perfect transatlantic cruise itinerary and then give us a call at 1-888-751-7804 to book your cruise or get any of your questions answered by a Celebrity Cruises vacation specialist. Then get ready to sail across the big blue wonder that is the Atlantic Ocean.

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