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There's More Than One Way to Have an Intimate Cruise Experience

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t have to travel on a small ship to have an intimate cruise experience.

There are many benefits of sailing on a large, blue-water cruise ship. On Celebrity Cruises you have over a dozen different eateries on board that you can try. On board there are gorgeous, open public areas, like the Lawn Club and pool deck. A state of the art spa is on the ship complete with a relaxation room and adjacent spa café. After the sun sets, you have theater performances, a dance club, multiple bars, and crew hosted games and celebrations you can attend.

Plus, with so much space, it’s actually easier to find a quieter area if you desire some peace and solitude. A large cruise ship lets you find the ambiance for whatever mood you’re in.

However, if you’re looking for more of a traditional intimate cruise experience that lets you easily get from your room to dinner, has common areas where you are likely to run into the same small group of people time and again, and has personalized, attentive service – Celebrity Cruises has a solution for that, too.

Here are three ways to have a more intimate cruise experience with Celebrity Cruises.

Live the Suite Life On Board for an Intimate Cruise Experience

The best way to have an intimate cruise experience without compromising on the perks and amenities that come with vacationing on a big cruise ship is to stay in a suite.

Celebrity Cruises’ suites have their own private areas exclusively for guests staying in Suite Class accommodation.

One of these areas is Luminae Restaurant, which is a sophisticated specialty restaurant only available to suite class guests that will have you feeling like a VIP diner. Luminae Restaurant has gourmet menu items you can’t find anywhere else on board, and the ingredients are fresh and top quality. An added bonus? Dining at Luminae Restaurant is included in the cost of your suite – no additional charge like most specialty restaurants have.

By dining in Luminae, you’ll have the chance to get to know other passengers sailing in Suite Class and will likely get to know them well since Luminae is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout your cruise. This dining ambiance provides Suite Class guests with an intimate cruise experience as you look forward to seeing the same fellow passengers at each meal. In addition, the servers at Luminae will get to know your tastes and preferences so they can tailor your time spent eating in Luminae to make it a memorable dining experience.

Suite Class guests on Celebrity Edge, the newest ship from Celebrity Cruises that debuts in December 2018, will have even more private spaces to relax in where you can get to know fellow Suite Class passengers.

Just like on the rest of its fleet, Celebrity Edge will have Luminae Restaurant for Suite Class guests. In addition, Celebrity Edge will have a sundeck called The Retreat just for those Suite Class passengers. The Retreat includes a private pool and lounge area and is a great place to hang out with new friends you met over breakfast, or to escape the liveliness of the rest of the ship.

As a Suite Class guest, you never need to leave your “suite” area of the ship – but with all those awesome amenities and restaurants beyond your wing, you’ll most likely have fun checking it out before retreating back to the intimate cruise experience Celebrity Cruises provides for its suite guests – giving you the best of both worlds.

Have an Intimate Cruise Experience in Port with Private Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are an incredible way to see the ports of call your cruise visits. Most shore excursions involve a group setting, but Celebrity Cruises offers many small-group shore excursions for a more intimate experience.

If you prefer an even more personalized approach to your day in port, Celebrity Cruises has you covered for that as well with its Private Journeys collection of shore excursions.

Private Journeys were selected as a 2017 Travel Weekly Magellan Gold Award Winner and let you completely customize and curate your port experience.

Private Journeys has a dedicated Destination Insiders team that you can work with before your cruise to plan out an epic time in port that perfectly fits with your interests and what you most want to do and experience in each destination you visit.

The Destination Insiders team can arrange private limousines, cars, and even aircraft for you to get around in port and see the sights. They can also arrange your own exclusive tour guide for a knowledgeable, in-depth experience in port that feels intimate and luxuriously customized.

Sail to the Galapagos for an Intimate Cruise Experience

Up to now, we discussed how you can have an incredible, intimate experience on one of Celebrity Cruises’ large ships, but if you do feel like you want a smaller ship ambiance, then you’re in luck – Celebrity Cruises offers that as well in the Galapagos Islands.

Just like on its larger ships, Celebrity Cruises’ Galapagos fleet has luxurious amenities, attention to detail for a comfortable stay on board, and stellar service and cuisine.

Celebrity Cruises' Galapagos ships carry between 16 and 100 passengers. Each ship has a dining room, well-appointed staterooms, a viewing deck, and a bar and lounge area. In addition, the ship carries Zodiac boats that are used to transport you to islands and water areas with knowledgeable guides who will teach you all about this special area of the world.

Celebrity Cruises is debuting another brand new ship in 2019, Celebrity Flora, that has been exclusively designed for sailing the waters of the Galapagos and which is set to revolutionize the cruising industry in the Galapagos from both an environmental and ship amenity perspective.

If you’re ready to book an intimate cruise experience with Celebrity Cruises, visit Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList platform, which will help you effortlessly turn your suite life and Galapagos bucket list dreams into reality. #BookItList platform lets you easily reserve your cruise accommodation, airfare, shore excursions, and onboard activities all in one convenient place.

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