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The Best Cruise Destinations Combine Natural Beauty with Exciting Cities and Activities

Ready to set sail to one of the best cruise destinations in the world? If you’re already wanting to plan next year’s cruise vacation, but aren’t sure where to go, then you’re in luck: we’ve compiled the 13 best cruise destinations to visit in 2019.

All of our cruise destinations provide incredible vacation experiences, but these ones hold an extra something special for the approaching year. From up and coming hot spots to new ports of call to natural wonders, you’ll find a destination to visit no matter what type of scenery you want to behold.

Through this list, you also might learn of some new cruise ports you didn’t know you could sail to, or destinations that you haven’t heard of before. Also, a couple of these best cruise destinations are made even better by the way you can get to them: a brand new ship.

Read on to find out more and to discover which cruise destination is the best for you.

2019 Hot List: Best Cruise Destinations to Visit

Amalfi Coast

There’s a lot of talk about Tuscany and Rome when planning a trip that involves Italy’s western coastline, but you also may want to turn your Italian dreams a bit farther south to experience the seaside wonders of the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of land located south of Naples, Italy. It encompasses some of Italy’s most famous seaside towns, including Sorrento and Positano. The gorgeous white, yellow, and rose-hued colors of the buildings and the fact that they seem to sidestep down the side of the hills into the sea make these two towns breathtaking to see and a favorite for visitors who visit them during a cruise port of call in Naples.

Rijeka, Croatia

If you love something new and exciting, check out a cruise that visits Rijeka, Croatia. Rijeka is a new port of call for Celebrity Cruises’ Mediterranean itineraries and is a great addition since Croatia is a hot destination right now.

Rijeka is located on the northern end of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and is Croatia’s largest port city. A port of call in Rijeka provides things to do right in the city or serves as a jumping off point for the nearby islands and historic sites.

In the city center, Rijeka has beautiful squares and buildings dating back centuries. You can tour the 17th century Church of St. Vitus and view a gothic crucifix from the 1200s that has a miraculous legend behind it.

Another famous building in Rijeka is the City Tower that is home to four attractive clocks built in the 18th century. To really see something ancient, walk to the Roman Arch in Rijeka, which is believed to be from the 4th century.

A popular shore excursion to do from Rijeka is visiting the gorgeous Adriatic island of Krk. Located right across the water from Rijeka, Krk is the largest and northern most island in the Adriatic Sea. It is connected to mainland Croatia by a dramatic looking concrete arched bridge. On Krk, you can see historic architecture, pretty beaches, and underground caves.

Santa Margherita, Italy

In addition to the new port of call of Rijeka, Celebrity Cruises will also start sailing to another new port in 2019: Santa Margherita, Italy. Though not as famous with travelers as its Tuscan neighbors of Florence and Pisa, Santa Margherita is a destination you’ll want to add to your 2019 travel repertoire.

Santa Margherita is located on the Italian Riviera, and its gorgeous location creates an interesting blend of nature and architecture. You can see opulent Renaissance buildings framed by rolling green hills and the turquoise sea.

From Santa Margherita, you can also embark on a shore excursion to the popular destination of Cinque Terre where you can explore the five tiny coastal villages that make up of the Cinque Terre region of Italy.


Known as one of the safest cities in the world, Singapore already attracts visitors for its garden beauty and awe-inspiring structures. Singapore is famous for its Gardens by the Bay, a public park with sky-high sculptures in the shapes of trees that also serve as solar energy sources. The city has the goal of being known as a city in a garden, meaning the green space is sure to continually expand.

Another thing putting Singapore on the hot list is the hit movie of summer 2018, Crazy Rich Asians. The movie is based on the bestselling book of the same name and takes place in Singapore.

Galapagos Islands

Seeing the Galapagos Islands is one of those bucket list items that aren’t on many people’s radar, but the second they learn about it and see pictures of its beauty, a cruise to the Galapagos becomes a must-do trip.

While others you know are heading to “been there, done that” type places, get away to the Galapagos Islands where you’ll swim with sea lions, marvel at giant tortoises that can weigh over 500 pounds, smile at the antics of penguins and colorful birds, and be intrigued by the marine iguana. Many of the animals you’ll see in the Galapagos Islands are endemic to the area, meaning you can’t find them anywhere else in the world.

Another reason to visit the Galapagos Islands in 2019 is to be one of the first on Celebrity Cruises’ new ship, Celebrity Flora.

Celebrity Flora is a groundbreaking ship that is completely designed from start to finish to serve the Galapagos and the travelers who want an intimate experience with the flora and fauna there.

Celebrity Flora is designed to bring the outside elements in as much as possible with endless views of the islands. It also is designed to be environmentally friendly with innovative technology such as an anchorless way to stay stationary and a fresh water creator from air conditioning condensation.

Combine all that with adorable animals, sumptuous suites, and an Infinite Veranda stateroom option, and you’ll be glad you chose to visit the Galapagos in 2019 with Celebrity Cruises.

Venice, Italy

If Venice is really sinking, you should get there sooner than later, don’t you think? Make 2019 the year you visit the iconic Italian city of Venice by taking a cruise that departs from there.

Venice is one of the main embarkation ports for Mediterranean cruises and you can sail away on itineraries that take you to the gorgeous cities along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, enthralling Greek islands and historical cities, other popular Italian ports of call, and more.

In Venice itself you’ll find ample streets and – perhaps more excitingly – waterways to explore. Get lost wandering around Venice’s myriad of alleyways and then find yourself in the epicenter of Venice: St. Mark’s Square. Home to St. Mark’s Cathedral, Doge’s Palace, and hundreds of pigeons, it’s a can’t-miss area of Venice.

Another must-do? A gondola ride along the waterways of Venice. Cliché? Sure. Memorable and fun? Most definitely.


As Antarctica becomes more accessible to travelers, it’s quickly becoming a dream travel destination for many people. However, expensive costs and long travel time may deter you or have you thinking it will be years before you can go to Antarctica.

What you might not know is that Celebrity Cruises sails to Antarctica. That’s right – you can cross of that seventh continent from the luxury of a Celebrity Cruises ship.

Celebrity Cruises sails to Antarctica on itineraries that embark from Buenos Aires, Argentina. You’ll sail along the Schollart Channel and visit Elephant Island and Paradise Bay in Antarctica where you can up close to magnificent ice bergs and incredible animals, like whales, penguins, and seals.

St. Maarten / St. Martin

St. Maarten was one of the islands affected by Hurricane Irma in 2017. It has rebuilt and is back in business. Show your support to St. Maarten and the other Caribbean islands affected by the hurricane by choosing a Caribbean cruise itinerary that visits them.

Another thing that makes St. Maarten a great place to visit is that it’s almost like two countries in one — the island is peacefully shared between two countries: the Netherlands on the Dutch St. Maarten side and France on the French St. Martin side of the island.

A cruise port of call in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, gives you access to both parts of the island. Each side has its own unique look and top things to do. In St. Maarten, lounge on long sandy beaches, do some awesome duty-free shopping, or hop on a catamaran cruise around the turquoise water surrounding the island. On the St. Martin side, walk around the ritzy area of Marigot or head up to the island’s highest peak for some exhilarating zip lining.

Panama Canal

In this day of digital innovation it is still incredible to see works of engineering masterpieces that have stood the test of time. The Panama Canal is one such sight.

The Panama Canal was finished being built in 1914 and massively improved sea travel by making it easy for ships to cross from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (or vice versa) without having to go around the entire continent of North America or South America.

On a Panama Canal cruise you get a front row seat to the incredible design that has made the Panama Canal work so well for over a hundred years. Marvel at the intricate lock system and how it manages water flow to get massive ships safely through the narrow canal.

A Panama Canal cruise with Celebrity Cruises also visits ports of call like Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and Cartagena, Colombia. You’ll typically sail between San Diego, California, and one of the ports in Florida (Fort Lauderdale or Miami).

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Speaking of Fort Lauderdale, you might not think of Fort Lauderdale as a cruise destination in any other way than the place you get on and off your cruise ship. But thanks to Celebrity Edge, that’s all about to change.

Celebrity Edge is the newest blue water cruise ship from Celebrity Cruises and it is ready to dazzle cruisers when it debuts at the end of 2018 with Caribbean itineraries out of its homeport of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With an outward facing design, chic décor, dining entertainment never seen at sea before, the Edge staterooms with Infinite Verandas, and jaw dropping suites, it is sure to win over even the most discerning traveler.

Celebrity Edge impresses even before you step foot on the ship thanks to its unique design feature called the Magic Carpet. The Magic Carpet is a moving platform that is cantilevered over the edge of the ship and moves up and down between the decks of Celebrity Edge throughout the day.

Depending on the time of day and what deck it’s on, the Magic Carpet will serve as a lounge for those waiting to embark on shore excursions during days in port, as an outdoor bar extension of a restaurant, or as its own al fresco dining experience.

Celebrity Edge begins sailing in December of 2018, but if you want to escape the winter blues that set in after the holiday season, book a 2019 dream vacation to the Caribbean on Celebrity Edge.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

New Zealand is a much-loved travel destination due to its jaw-dropping natural beauty, exhilarating extreme sports, world-class cities, and romantic wine regions. Most visitors to New Zealand spend their time road tripping around the South Island or North Island. However, there are some other islands in New Zealand that should get your attention before they’re on everyone’s must-visit list for New Zealand: The Bay of Islands.

Located off the northern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, the Bay of Islands consists of 144 small islands that offer both adventure and peaceful relaxation.

The Bay of Islands is known for its remote beaches, surfing-worthy waves, and big game fishing. Those interested in learning more about Maori culture and its history will find intriguing Maori artifacts and experiences in the Bay of Islands. To get your adrenaline racing, partake in a kayaking, sand boarding, scuba diving, or parasailing shore excursion while in port in the Bay of Islands.

Anchorage, Alaska

If you haven’t been to Alaska yet or have only cruised the southern half of Alaska before, it’s time to get farther north. Alaska is known for being one of the best cruise destinations in the world and there are numerous itineraries that take travelers to some of the most beautiful and exciting sights and cities in Alaska.

If you haven’t traveled as far north as Anchorage and Denali National Park, you’ll want to head back up to America’s Last Frontier. With Celebrity Cruises you can do both thanks to an Alaska cruisetour that ends in Seward, Alaska, from which it’s a short drive to Anchorage. Your cruisetour will give you ample time to explore Anchorage before making your way to Denali National Park, where you’ll explore the inland wilderness of Alaska.

Marvel at the sights from the comfort of a glass-domed train and enjoy evenings in Australia’s vast forest in luxurious hotels and lodges.

Before your land tour of Anchorage and Denali National Park begins, you’ll get to relish some relaxation on a Celebrity cruise up the coast, after embarking typically in in Vancouver, British Columbia, or Seattle, Washington.


With Celebrity Cruises you can visit Iceland as a cruise port of call on northern Europe itineraries that sail to Reykjavik during Ireland cruises, or you can do an Iceland Exploration vacation package through Celebrity Cruises. An adventure in Iceland through an Exploration vacation package with Celebrity Cruises is a unique and exciting way to see Iceland.

One of the things that make Iceland one of the best cruise destinations is the sheer number of incredible natural wonders located all around the island country. A cruisetour gives you extra time to explore it all. A cruisetour splits up your time between land and sea; you’ll have multiple days to go all around Iceland with a knowledgeable tour guide who makes sure you are traveling in comfort.

You’ll get the chance to see Iceland’s massive waterfalls, soak in its famous hotsprings, walk along nature trails through misty national parks, and even possibly see the Northern Lights.

After the tour portion of the trip you’ll travel to a Europe cruise embarkation port and board a Celebrity Cruises ship where you’ll settle into your sumptuous accommodations and begin sailing to enticing European ports of call.

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