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Thanksgiving Cruises Provide Families with the Chance to Get Away and Reconnect

If Thanksgiving tends to feel more chaotic than cozy in your household, do something different this year. Holidays can get hectic due to all the prep work that goes into them, and you may end the day feeling like you didn't connect with your family on Thanksgiving as much as you'd hoped. This year, focus on family instead of food preparation. Throw out that to-do list, check our current cruise deals to find your perfect holiday itinerary, and then let us worry about the details on one of our relaxing Thanksgiving cruises.

A Feast at Sea on Thanksgiving Cruises

You'll still get a turkey feast if cruising over the Thanksgiving holiday since we serve a meal with lots of Thanksgiving favorites in the Main Dining Room. You’ll dine in the elegant, white table clothed restaurant as you’re served courses that include traditional Thanksgiving entrees and sides. You can order the turkey and cranberries, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

While turkey is the highlight of the menu on Thanksgiving, it’s not the only entree being offered, so if you secretly dislike turkey (don’t worry, we won’t tell), you can switch things up this Thanksgiving and order something else that’s more to your liking.

The multiple menu options are also helpful if you have a picky eater as you won’t have to stress whether or not they’ll eat the turkey and stuffing this year. The kid’s menu has favorites like spaghetti, fish filets, and macaroni and cheese. (Plus, remember it’s a cruise – there’s always the buffet or free room service you can get if your kid needs more to eat before bedtime.)

As for you, feast on all that Thanksgiving culinary goodness that you didn’t have to do one ounce of preparation, basting, or oven watching for. Just dig in and enjoy it, and don’t forget you can order more than one dessert! It’s Thanksgiving, after all, so treat yourself to an extra slice or two of pumpkin pie, and you won’t even have to fight anyone for the last piece.

Special Activities and Traditions During Thanksgiving Cruises

If you’re not sure about disrupting holiday tradition by taking your kids on a Thanksgiving cruise, don’t stress about it – kids love cruising! Which comes as no surprise when you consider the amount of activities kids can do on a Celebrity Cruises vacation, especially the organized activities and games in the kids club.

Plus, over the holiday, there will be Thanksgiving-themed arts and crafts and other activities going on that kids can participate in.

You can also keep up with other common traditions for Thanksgiving. The ship will air football games so you can still watch some ballgames before dinner and root for your favorite team. We also have a number of board games on board you can choose from if you want to have some friendly competition in the card room on the ship. Or bring a couple decks of card and gather in the card room to play your family’s favorite game.

With the amount of time you’ll save on having to bake, cook, clean the house, and do dishes, you can instead spend that time talking with each other and having some truly quality bonding time.

Your kids may end your Thanksgiving cruise by asking it to be your new family tradition. With so many destinations to chose from, maybe you can add a secondary tradition of going somewhere new each Thanksgiving.

In addition to all the extra Thanksgiving fun, your family will also enjoy the usual excitement that comes with a Celebrity Cruises vacation. This includes pool time, theater performances, an arcade and game room, interactive dining experiences, picnics on real grass if sailing on Solstice-class ships, and endless ice cream from the cruise ship buffet.

Where are some of the places Celebrity Cruises sails to over Thanksgiving?

An especially popular place to go for the Thanksgiving holiday is the Caribbean. Escape on a Thanksgiving Caribbean cruise and head to the Caribbean where you can sail to tropical islands and lounge on beaches or snorkel in turquoise water.

If your kids are older, give them a vacation they’ll never forget by going on a Galapagos Islands cruise over Thanksgiving. You’ll witness the incredible and energetic draw of the islands as your cruise ship sails among the hilly islands, landing on some for a closer view of the wildlife. Your children will delight at seeing frolicking sea lions, and have the chance to see Galapagos Tortoises, marine lizards, penguins, and more. During your Thanksgiving dinner back on board the ship, you might just find that you are all thankful for nature and wildlife and the amazing chance to see it together in the Galapagos.

You can also escape to the southern Hemisphere over Thanksgiving. Cruises to New Zealand and Australia take families to a particularly family friendly area of the world and if cruising at the end of November, you’ll be arriving in New Zealand right near the start of their summer, which is an excellent time to go.

If short on time when looking to book a Thanksgiving cruise, look into sailing to the Western part of the Caribbean. Itineraries for western Caribbean Thanksgiving cruises typically take you to Key West, Florida, and Cozumel, Mexico while only traveling for four or five nights.

Book Thanksgiving Cruises with Celebrity

To book one of Celebrity Cruises’ Thanksgiving sailings, visit our easy to use booking platform where you can reserve your airfare, flight, and activities like shore excursions and specialty restaurant dining all in one convenient place. You can also look up kids club information, spa treatments, and beverage packages to help you have the most rejuvenating and memorable Thanksgiving this year.

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