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Cruise Ships Can You Take You to Some of the Most Haunted Places in the World

A cruise might not be the first thing you think of for haunted places to visit, but a cruise ship can actually take you to some creepy sites around the world. If you love having some otherworldly excitement on your vacations, here are some haunted places you can visit in cruise ports of call around the world.

Haunted Places to Cruise to in the U.S.

Old Town History in San Diego's Most Haunted House

The Whaley House in San Diego's Old Town neighborhood is one of the most haunted places to visit in San Diego. In fact, it's even been called the most haunted house in the United States! Though today it's a museum, the Whaley House is the former residence of Thomas Whaley and his family, who lived there in the mid-19th century -- and some of those past residents are said to still live there.  From a non-haunted house perspective, Whaley House is still a popular attraction for visitors who want to tour it to admire the house's Greek Revival Style and learn more about life in the 1800s.

Prison Inmates and Ghosts at Alcatraz, San Francisco

Visit one of the most haunted places to visit in San Francisco by taking another boat ride during your cruise vacation: this time across the San Francisco Bay to the island of Alcatraz. While there, you’ll tour the prison that used to be run there in the 1900s. Its location on an island in the middle of shark-infested waters gave Alcatraz the reputation of being impossible to escape from. Over the years, many people resided in the prison, including famous criminals like Al Capone. All those inmates have apparently resulted in some ghosts, because many visitors have commented that they have seen apparitions and heard eerie sounds. See for yourself if you spot any ghosts by doing an Alcatraz shore excursion during a day in San Francisco.

New Orleans: The Most Haunted City in America?

New Orleans is often said to be the most haunted city in America and when you visit New Orleans as a U.S. port of call on Caribbean cruises, you can take ghost tours to learn all about its many haunted sites. One aspect that helps to give the city its haunted vibe are the above ground tombs that you can see in dozens of cemeteries around the city. Other sites with repeated ghost sightings are the Le Pavilion Hotel, Old Absinthe House bar (said to even be haunted by Andrew Jackson!), and the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. For a true haunted house experience, visit the Mortuary, a building that was a funeral home until it was flooded by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was converted in 2007 into a haunted house attraction.

Haunted Places to Cruise to Around the World

Buried Alive in Recoleta Cemetery

If doing a South America cruise, there’s a good chance one of your cruise ports of call will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you’re looking for a good ghost story while in port, head to Recoleta Cemetery, the city’s most famous graveyard. It has had many ghost sightings over the centuries, but its most famous ghost is the spirit of a young woman by the name of Rufina who was accidentally buried alive in Recoleta Cemetery. Visitors have claimed to see her still wandering around the graveyard.

A Duel Leads to a Haunted Caribbean Plantation

While in port in St. Kitts, take the short ferry ride over to its sister island, Nevis, to visit a haunted former plantation that now lies in ruins. The Eden Brown Estate was once owned by a wealthy businessman who planned to gift the estate to his daughter, Julia Huggins, and her fiancé after their wedding. However, tragedy ensued on the day of the wedding. A mysterious duel occurred between the groom and best man and both were killed. Julia Huggins never married and lived her life as a recluse on the estate, and today many visitors say they have felt her spirit still residing on the property.

Pints and Paranormal Activity in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland has a number of haunted places to visit while in port there during a Europe cruise. Dublin’s known for its pubs, so have a pint while looking for ghosts at its most haunted bar: the Brazen Head, which is also the city’s oldest pub. Grave Diggers pub next to Glasnevin Cemetery also is said to have a resident ghost you may see sidling up to the bar dressed in tweed.

An Eerie Urban Legend in Tokyo, Japan

The Himuro Mansion has a truly grisly story of ritual sacrifices to prevent bad karma from entering the house and the Himuro family who lived there (though you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you believe the story or not – many think it’s just an urban legend). When the last ritual went wrong, the master of the house was so scared of what would happen from the bad karma that he brutally murdered his family and then took his own life. It is said the seven murdered family members can still be seen wandering the grounds of the mansion and trying to redo the failed ritual, and there have been reports of bloody handprints and marks on the walls. The house is also famous now since it was included in the popular video game, Fatal Frame.

Graffiti and Ghost Stories in Sydney

Sydney has many haunted places you can visit during a cruise port of call in this large Australian city. For an especially eerie day in port, head to the remains of Sydney’s first psychiatric hospital called Bedlam Point. It was open from 1838 to 1997 and ghost stories were prevalent during its operation. Today, the building is abandoned and covered in graffiti; that graffiti and the onsite graveyard with over 1,000 anonymous corpses gives the Bedlam Point an ever spookier vibe for those who dare to visit.

Plan Your Cruise to These Haunted Places

Part of the fun of cruising is getting to head back to one of our luxurious ships to reflect on your day in port. If visiting one of these haunted places, back on board you can talk excitedly about the spooky things you saw -- and any ghosts -- while enjoying the non-haunted ship’s luxurious amenities and accommodations.

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