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Breathtaking Alaska

We invite all our Alaska Media Roadshow guests to journey into the wide-open wilderness and discover the rugged beauty of Alaska with Celebrity. From its sweeping landscapes to captivating wildlife, the Last Frontier is the perfect vacation for every explorer.

The Celebrity Distinction

Set sail on an unforgettable vacation in Alaska with the best premium cruise line. Our award-wining ships—imagined and designed by word-renowned architects—make you feel right at home in The Last Frontier. Step aboard and discover spectacular design, luxurious accommodations, and distinctive restaurants with menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs. And, you’ll experience service so intuitive you’ll never have to lift a finger on vacation.

Discover The Great Land On The Best Ships

Explore Alaska with three equally stunning, award-wining ships designed with comfort and luxury in mind: Celebrity Solstice®, Celebrity Eclipse®, or our newly revolutionized Celebrity Millennium®. Choose from 7-night sailings departing from Seattle, Seward, and Vancouver. And, if you want even more of the great outdoors, go deeper into the heart of the wilderness with our 9- to 13-night Alaska Cruisetours. A complete vacation that combines a cruise with a land tour, featuring travel aboard The Wilderness Express, a glass-domed train, stays in authentic lodges, and in-depth experiences every step of the way.

Alaska Cruise Highlights

Natural Beauty

From its beautiful rainforests, mystic fjords, and dramatic glaciers, Alaska offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. Discover the untouched wilderness of its wide-open landscape, verdant valleys, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, and pristine rivers that beckon you to explore.

Alaska’s Glaciers

Experience the majesty of Alaska’s thrilling glaciers—each one as dramatic as the last. Hubbard Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier in North America, is a natural wonder reaching heights as tall as a 30-story building. The spectacular Dawes Glacier stands over 600 feet tall and half a mile wide. Watch as these mammoth glaciers dramatically shed icebergs (known as calving) into the sea below. Embark on exciting shore excursions to Tongass National Forest— the largest protected forest in the Unites States—to see Mendenhall Glacier. Or, take a helicopter to the snow-capped Denver Glacier in Skagway.


Alaska is home to some of the the world’s most extraordinary wildlife. From caribou, wolves, and moose on land to enormous whales and playful dolphin underwater, there’s so much to see that will captivate any explorer. Witness brown bears roaming the alpine tundra. Spot a bald eagle as it hunts for fresh salmon in clear water streams. Or enjoy the thrill of Humpback whales breaching from the water and landing with a tremendous splash. Be sure to bring your camera.


In 1867, U.S Secretary of State William H. Seward signed a treaty to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. At the time, the decision was ridiculed by Congress and labeled “Seward’s Folly.” This was until the discovery of gold and oil in 1880 and 1902, which subsequently led to the migration of prospectors into the region. On an Alaska vacation with us, in-depth shore excursions will put you in the center of Alaska’s history, where you can experience first-hand the famous Klondike Gold Rush in Skagway, and the culture of the indigenous Tlingit Tribe. Discover totem pole art and carvings, canoe building, food, dance and traditions that will create priceless memories.