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The perfect vacation not only ignites a sense of curiosity, wonder, and adventure in the destinations you visit, but it can also offer unparalleled experiences while getting there. Celebrity EdgeSM is set to deliver a modern luxury cruise that pushes the boundaries of travel and goes beyond the expected.

Our state-of-the-art vessel marks a turning point in the approach to ship design, providing more connection with the sea and the exciting places you’ll visit. Celebrity EdgeSM shifts the focus outward to stunning vistas and lookout points with boundless views of the beautiful ocean at every possible angle. From the moment of embarkation at the Destination Gateway, to innovative stateroom design, like the luxurious Iconic Suites positioned high atop the ship above the bridge, and the exceptional dining at EDEN, we’ve taken the cruise vacation to greater heights.

In summer 2019, after touring the Caribbean, Celebrity EdgeSM continues its inaugural season with cruises in the Mediterranean offering a list of fantastic firsts, including three new breathtaking Mediterranean destinations we’ve never visited before: Nauplion (Nafplio), Greece; Rijeka, Croatia; and Santa Margherita, Italy.

The first of our new ports is the charming port of Nauplion (Nafplio), Greece. Located on the northern end of the tranquil blue Argolic Gulf, this small town is a bit of a secret treasure with other Greek cities like Athens, Santorini, or Mykonos being more popular destinations. That said, the historic seaport offers wonderful beaching, splendid shopping for souvenirs, authentic Greek restaurants and much more--there’s so much to discover and explore throughout town. Set off on an excursion that will transport you back in time with our Ancient Mycenae tour. This UNESCO World Heritage site is more than likely, the oldest ruins in all of Greece.

Another new port we’re excited to visit is Rijeka. Christened the European Capital of Culture 2020, Rijeka, Croatia is brimming with a wealth of architecture and history. Take our walking tour through the old part of Rijeka where you’ll visit St. Vitus Cathedral, Croatian National Theater, quaint cafes, and bars that are as inviting as the people of Rijeka. And head over to Vrbnik Village on Krk Island for views of the dramatically stunning cliffs that drop off into the Adriatic. For a more leisurely activity you can spend some time exploring Korzo, the central market where you’ll find a host of keepsakes and a rooftop café with scenic views of bustling Rijeka.

The gorgeous port of Santa Margherita is also new for us. A favored summer Mediterranean destination among affluent Italians, Santa Margherita, Italy is an impressive seaside town in the Italian Riviera that has long served as a muse for many writers and poets. Stroll along the palm lined harbors, explore the marina, or unwind on the beach in the summer sun. The harbor is filled with an array of cafes, restaurants and bars that face the sea. Or you can opt for a Three Pearls of the Paradise Coast tour with Celebrity. Our shore excursion will take you to three of the most luxurious holiday resorts in the Riviera. You’ll hop from Santa Margherita to Portofino to Rapallo basking in the Italian sun, lush landscapes, and magnificent architecture.

These are just a few of the adventures you’ll experience with Celebrity EdgeSM. Our vacations and incredible shore excursions effortlessly bring the world closer to you. And with Celebrity EdgeSM you’ll feel the difference from every corner of your stateroom to every corner of the world.

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