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Learn What Makes Galapagos Island Trips with Celebrity Cruises Special

The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems. Located off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos region is a calm archipelago. This unique setting offers protection from natural predators for many of the animals that call the Galapagos home, resulting in inquisitive wildlife that visitors on Galapagos Island trips can get up close and personal with.

Because of these animals and the various flora and fauna that reside in the Galapagos, the region’s delicate ecosystem needs to stay properly balanced and unharmed, which is why it is extremely important to visit the Galapagos responsibly and with as little footprint as possible. That’s where Celebrity Cruises comes in and why you should plan your Galapagos Islands trip with Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises has a dedicated fleet of ships for its Galapagos cruises that are designed to navigate the waters of the Galapagos safely – and that is safety for both passengers and the Galapagos ecosystem.

Celebrity Cruises stringently follows all the guidelines put forth by the Ecuador government for travel in the Galapagos in order to keep the Galapagos thriving alongside tourism.

Celebrity Cruises takes this commitment to sustainable travel in the Galapagos so seriously that it’s new ship, Celebrity Flora, has been designed specifically with the Galapagos in mind. Every detail on the ship is tailored for Galapagos Island trips, and when the ship begins sailing in 2019 it is poised to revolutionize luxury sustainable travel in the Galapagos.

Some ways in which Celebrity Flora will accomplish this include:

  • Anchorless technology so the ocean floor isn’t harmed.
  • Low emissions
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • One of the most energy-efficient ships in its class
  • Onboard system to convert sea water and air conditioning condensation into pure water.
Passengers will also love that Celebrity Flora will have the following high end amenities:
  • Elegant main dining room and al fresco dining
  • Fresh, gourmet ingredients used in cuisine
  • Luxuriously appointed staterooms and suites, including Infinite Verandas staterooms
  • Lounge and bar
  • Sun deck
  • Marina with three Zodiacs

Celebrity Flora will be joining Celebrity Cruises’ other Galapagos ships, which include three ships carrying between 16 to 100 passengers, providing different onboard experiences depending on your vacation desires. These ships include:

Celebrity Xpedition
Celebrity Xploration
Celebrity Xperience

What are Some of the Things You’ll See on a Galapagos Island Trip with Celebrity Cruises?

From beautifully rugged islands to exotic birds and magnificent mammals, the wonders of the Galapagos will astound you during your trip.

Islands Visited on Galapagos Trips

The islands of the Galapagos are located on a volcanic archipelago. The largest island is Isabella Island all the itineraries visit ports of call on this island and some of the smaller ones surrounding Isabella Island, but the ports of call can vary slightly depending what itinerary you choose.

These itineraries are referred to as the Outer Loop, Inner Loop, Northern Loop or Southern Loop itinerary.

The Outer Loop will travel to the islands of Floreana and Espanola. These are great islands for bird watchers since you’ll get the opportunity to see the Waved Albatross.

The Inner Loop skips Floreana and Espanola and instead visits Santiago Island, known for its long lava flows and fur seals that play in small rock pools around the island.

On a Southern Loop itinerary you’ll skip the northern part of Isabella Island and instead will visit ports of call on San Cristobal Island. This southerly island is home to El Progresso, which is the oldest surviving settlement in the Galapagos. It also has an impressive rock formation formed from lava and salt water called Kicker Rock.

Northern Loop itineraries include a jaunt up to Darwin Bay, which has huge cliffs created from a volcanic eruption that created a caldera. Darwin Bay is also known for the many bird species that call it home.

Animals Seen During Galapagos Islands Trip

You’ll meet playful sea lions and even have the chance to swim alongside them. You also may encounter sea turtles and marine iguanas in the water. Dolphins and whales are also sometimes spotted. On land, you’ll encounter many types of interesting birds, but the highlight for most visitors is seeing the Galapagos giant tortoises. These giant tortoises can live to be over 100 years old and weigh over 450 pounds.

Seeing Machu Picchu During a Galapagos Islands Vacation

Wait, that’s not in the Galapagos, you may be thinking; but Celebrity Cruises wants to make your vacation as incredible as possible. Guests sailing to the Galapagos can turn their cruise vacation into a cruisetour and add a multi-day tour to Peru’s famous Machu Picchu ruins after a full-length Galapagos cruise.

Machu Picchu is located deep in the Andes Mountains of Peru and consists of remarkably preserved remains of an ancient Incan civilization. The setting and the history make it breathtaking to behold. Celebrity Cruises makes it easy and hassle-free to visit when sailing with them on a Galapagos Island Trip.

Ready to book Your Galapagos Island Trip with Celebrity Cruises?

The Galapagos Islands are deemed a once-in-a-lifetime type of trip for many people so you want to make sure you visit it in the best possible way. Celebrity Cruises is your answer. Start browsing Galapagos cruise itineraries to find the one that best matches your desires for your bucket list trip to the Galapagos Islands.

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