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Make Your Summer European Getaway a Cruise One

If you’re dreaming of a European getaway during the gorgeous, warm summer months, consider a cruise vacation. It’s a great way to see top cities in landmarks in Europe. Here are some things you can expect from a European cruise vacation.

European Getaway Cruise Regions and Embarkation Ports

A European getaway can have a distinctly different vibe depending where you visit while there. Europe cruises typically focus on one of two different regions: Northern Europe or the Mediterranean.

One type of northern Europe getaway you can do is a Baltic cruise.

A Baltic cruise sails along the Baltic Sea and visits the countries lining it. You’ll probably visit Scandinavian ports of call like Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; and Oslo, Norway. Other common ports of call lie on the mainland of Europe and include Hamburg, Germany; Bruges, Brussels; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Another kind of northern Europe cruise is a Norwegian Fjords getaway. On Norwegian Fjords itineraries, cruises head north along the western coast of Norway to visit the charming ports of Bergen, Flam, Geiranger, and Alesund. You’ll also sail through Norway’s massive fjords, which will tower majestically on either side of you and provide an awe-inspiring cruise experience.

Northern European getaways that focus on the British Isles often sail along the coastline of the United Kingdom and visit cities in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. You also may have ports of call in Ireland.

Typical embarkation ports for Northern Europe sailings are Southampton, England; Dublin, Ireland; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Farther south in Europe, you’ll find a number of Mediterranean cruise itineraries.

Mediterranean cruise itineraries sail along the Mediterranean Sea and can visit a variety of countries from its eastern edge of Greece to as far west as Spain. Ports along the coast of Italy, the Greek Isles, and the French Riviera are also popular places to visit during Mediterranean cruises. Your Mediterranean cruise also may head north along the Adriatic Sea to visit beautiful ports of call like Dubrovnik, Croatia; Split, Croatia; and Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy is also a common embarkation port for Mediterranean cruises. Other embarkation ports include Barcelona, Spain; Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy; and Athens (Piraeus), Italy.

The Weather and Types of Clothes to Pack for a European Getaway in the Summer

A European getaway in the summer months often means traveling through Europe during a heat wave. The benefit of this is minimal rain and you’ll see iconic sites bathed in gorgeous sunshine.

To beat the summer heat in Europe, pack lightweight clothing; cotton and linen are fabrics that typically breathe easily in hot weather.

You’ll also want to make sure you have sunglasses and a sunhat or visor with you to protect your eyes and ensure you’re not squinting when you finally see sites you’ve been longing to visit like the Colosseum in Rome or the Acropolis in Athens. The sunglasses will also come in handy on board when you’re on deck since the reflection of the sunshine off the water can be especially bright.

When cruising for your European getaway, make sure to pack some cozier layers, too. Even if it’s hot during the day, the breeze can still be a bit chilly when sailing in the middle of the sea at night to get to your next port. Packing layers like cardigans or scarves can let you warm up when dining alfresco on board or enjoying a drink on your stateroom’s veranda if the weather becomes brisk after the sun goes down.

A lightweight scarf also comes in handy when touring religious sites in port. Many places of worship in Europe require shoulders to be covered. If you’re wearing a tanktop to try and stay cool, have a scarf handy in your daypack to wrap around your shoulders when touring churches and other religious sites that have a dress code.

Though you’ll likely have sunny weather in Europe in the summer, rain still could be in the forecast, particularly if you’re traveling in June or the beginning of September. Pack a rain jacket or poncho that easily folds up to make packing easy and consider bringing it in your daypack while in port just in case rain decides to make an appearance.

For shoes, you might want to wear tennis shoes to ensure your feet are comfortable while navigating cobblestoned streets all day, but if you think it’s too hot for socks, invest in some good, high-quality hiking sandals and make sure you wear them in before departing for your cruise. You can even find sandals that are functional, practical, and stylish; you might find they even come in handy for dinner and drinks back on the ship in the evening.

Make Last Minute Airfare Easy with Flights by Celebrity

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Plan Your European Getaway

To book your Europe getaway with Celebrity Cruises and sail in luxury to all the European sights and landmarks you’ve been dreaming of, visit Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList platform. You’ll be able to browse itineraries and book your cruise. At the same time, you can search for airfare using Flights by Celebrity. With Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList, you can even reserve shore excursions and onboard activities – all in the same place you book your cruise and airfare! It makes vacation planning straightforward and simple so you’ll soon be on your way to crossing European wonders off your bucket list.

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