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5 Questions to Ask for Senior Citizen Cruises

A cruise is a great way to see the world, no matter your age. However, senior citizens may especially find a cruise appealing for multiple reasons, including: you conveniently visit multiple destinations while only having to unpack once, you have a myriad of dining and entertainment mere steps away from your accommodations, and there are plenty of options for how to spend your day in port.

Make the most of your cruise by asking these five questions about senior citizen cruises. We’ll also share what Celebrity Cruises offers for these specialty cruises on each question.

Accessibility is important for senior citizen cruises – what is the accessibility like on the cruise ship?

If you have any mobility issues you’ll want to ensure you can easily get around the ship and access the elevators as well as any public areas like the main dining room and theater. In addition, be sure to request a wheelchair accessible stateroom if required. If you don’t need a wheelchair accessible room but still prefer not to walk for long periods of time, book a stateroom close to the elevators on the end of the ship where you’ll spend more time (whether that’s the specialty restaurants, theater, pool deck, or other public space.

What Celebrity Cruises Offers: Celebrity Cruises’ offers wheelchair accessible accomodations on its ships as well as extra help at the pier and airport transportation when requested.

What are the itineraries like for senior citizen cruises?

Senior citizens often have the flexibility of going on longer trips since they are not tied down to limited vacation time through a job or a school schedule for children. If you want to encounter fewer families with small children and young honeymooners, go on a longer cruise itinerary during shoulder season (the month right before and after the peak season for a destination).

If you’re a seasoned traveler you likely want the chance to get to know a place better both during the day and after the sun sets. Choose an itinerary that has overnight stays in ports of call and which have shore excursions offered at night, too. You can have memorable experiences such as seeing a ballet performance in St. Petersburg, Russia, or an Alfama show in Lisbon, Portugal.

What Celebrity Cruises Offers: Celebrity Cruises has a variety of cruises so whether you’re looking for an extended month-long cruise or a shorter 7-night cruise over spring break so you can vacation with the grandkids, Celebrity Cruises has you covered. In addition, Celebrity Cruises offers overnight ports of call in locations all around the world.

Can I stay health-conscious on board the cruise ship?

When booking senior citizen cruises, make sure you can keep up any health and fitness routines that are important to keeping you well.

Check that the ship can accommodate any dietary restrictions you have and that there is an emphasis put on fresh, healthy ingredients. For fitness, most ships will have a gym, but you may want to see if fitness classes are also available where a trainer will lead you through a series of exercises and can suggest modifications for you depending on your abilities.

What Celebrity Cruises Offers: The food served in the restaurants on board Celebrity Cruises use fresh ingredients, and most restaurants have healthy options designated on the menu daily.

If healthy living is especially important to you, opt for one of the AquaClass Staterooms. Staying in one of these will place you right next to the onboard spa, Canyon Ranch Spa Club. Guests will get special access to Blu Restaurant, a divine restaurant that marries healthy cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean with fresh ingredients and cool soothing decor in tones of blue and white. You’ll feel like you’re in Santorini or Mykonos.

In addition to Blu Restaurant, there is a spa cuisine eatery next to the CanyonRanch Spa Club on some of Celebrity Cruises’ ships where you can get healthy breakfast or lunch meals to-go.

For fitness on Celebrity Cruises, guests can partake in different daily activities at the Canyon Ranch Fitness center, including yoga and pilates classes, dance classes, and other aerobic style classes.

Educational Opportunities on Senior Citizen Cruises

Senior citizens often like to keep their mind engaged and active through learning new things. If this sounds like you, make sure there are plenty of educational opportunities on board your cruise, such as classes, demonstrations, and lectures.

For an extremely in-depth educational experience, consider one of Celebrity Cruises small-ship cruises to the Galapagos Islands. You’ll sail around this beautiful part of the world with a naturalist on board who is an expert in all things Galapagos. You’ll have the opportunity to dine with the naturalist, attend lectures, and go on guided excursions led by him or her. It is an incredible way to learn more about the animals (like sea lions and giant tortoises) and plant life you’ll encounter in the Galapagos.

What Celebrity Cruises Offers: Celebrity Cruises has numerous educational opportunities on board its fleet of ships from cooking demonstrations to wine tasting classes, destination lectures to onboard art tours, and photo editing classes to trivia contests.

Are there medical personnel on the ship?

When cruising as a senior citizen, you’ll likely want to make sure you have access to medical care should you need it. Make sure your cruise ship has a doctor on board who can advise on treatment until you’re back on land.

Also make sure you bring any medication with you on your carry-on if flying. Cruise ships don’t have pharmacies on board and you don’t want to spend your time in port trying to figure out how to get a prescription filled overseas! Bring extra medication, too, in case you experience any delays on the way home.

What Celebrity Cruises Offers: Celebrity Cruises has a team of doctors and nurses on its ships who are medically trained and able to offer diagnoses and treatment plans for you while on board if needed – or advise you on getting additional help and treatment once you’re in the next port.

If you’re ready to book senior citizen cruises with Celebrity Cruises, you can easily book your stateroom or suite, airfare, and activities all in one convenient place thanks to Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList platform.

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