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Not only do we have a new ship sailing our South America itineraries—Celebrity Silhouette®—but we visit more destinations than ever before (32 cities in 9 countries). Plus, we’re introducing a new port of call, Salvador De Bahia, Brazil. We’ll also take you to new heights—literally—with a life-changing adventure to Machu Picchu. Our 2020-21 season marks many new places and new spaces in this region, and it promises to be one of the most amazing ever.

Celebrity Silhouette offers 14-night sailings that include amazing overnight stays in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you’ll experience the colorful, cosmopolitan streets and uncover fascinating history, cuisines, architecture, and so much more. Known as the “The Paris of South America,” there’s a wealth of culture to explore in this passionate city. Another overnight in San Antonio, Chile introduces you to this exciting city that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. You’ll have plenty of time to discover the amazing history, bustling beaches, wonderful art, and local restaurants that offer the freshest seafood—straight from the sea to their kitchens. What many would consider the most exciting city in South America, Rio de Janeiro comes alive at night, which is why we offer overnight stays there. Everything you’ve heard about this electric city’s nightlife is true, and we’ll show it to you in modern luxury style.

We’ve also added a brand new, and unique itinerary, our Peruvian Explorer experience. This sailing includes a double overnight stay in Lima that allows you the opportunity to trek up to the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu or journey to the Amazon River for an incredible inland experience. This sailing also visits Pisco, Peru that includes overnight stays in Lima with shore excursions to Machu Picchu and Amazon River.

There are so many adventurous places in this corner of the world, and Antarctica is one of them. That’s why we added even more sailings that take you into the Arctic Circle for journey you’ll remember for a lifetime. In fact, any of our 2020-21 South America sailings will surround you in modern luxury comfort on board, while transporting you to some of the most incredible and unforgettable places in the world.

Shore Excursions in South America

We’ve also designed an array of in-depth excursions for our 2020-21 cruises, and you can choose them the moment you book your sailing. This includes many Uniquely Celebrity excursions which get you up close and personal with the flavors, the sights, the culture and the incredible people of every destination you visit.

New South America Port of Call in 2020-21

Salvador De Bahia, Brazil

This capital of Bahia state and fourth-largest city in Brazil was founded by the Portuguese in 1549, and its historic Pelourinho district is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The colorful center of Salvador is like a museum of colonial architecture, with more than 300 churches, including São Francisco, recognized for its grandiosity. The city has an unmatched energy and unadorned beauty, with street festivals breaking out routinely and drums pounding out the rhythms. This is the heart of the country’s Afro-Brazilian community, where the culture of those brought as slaves has been preserved, from music and religion to food and dance. Be sure to experience capoeira, the martial art that looks like dance. Out on the Atlantic coast, beautiful Bahia beaches beckon to bathers.

Ship Visiting South America

Celebrity Silhouette®

Explore the beauty and warmth of South America aboard the newly revolutionized Celebrity Silhouette®—the first time she’s sailed these waters. Silhouette® has been enhanced with two new suite categories, a Reflection Suite and five Signature Suites, and an exclusive lounge area reserved just for suite guests—The Retreat®.