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Special Occasions

In true Celebrity style, our professional planners will work with you to attend to every detail of your wedding celebration. Our wedding coordinators are available to answer any questions you may have regarding marriage licenses, wedding guidelines and other arrangements.

For more information on marriage licenses and wedding guidelines, speak to your travel agent or contact us at 1-866-535-2352.

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Please reserve your wedding date and customized selections early. Due to the individual care "Celebrity Weddings" Event Managers give each wedding, we are limited in the number of ceremonies that can be coordinated on each ship and at each port of call. All ceremonies and receptions are reserved based on availability. Ceremonies may only be held without payment for seventy-two (72) hours. To avoid a $250.00 late fee, please arrange your wedding at least sixty (60) days prior to the sail date of your cruise vacation. Our "Celebrity Weddings" Event Managers will work with you to create the perfect wedding that suits your individual style. Your wedding date will be reserved as soon as full payment for your wedding package and a signed contract is received. Wedding arrangements may be paid in US Dollars by credit card, travel agency check, certified check or international money order. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted.

Once your wedding is confirmed with payment and a signed contract, a wedding reservation can only be rescheduled outside of sixty (60) days prior to the sail date. If you need to reschedule the date of your wedding for any reason, it is subject to availability and a rescheduling fee of $250.00.

Due to the limited availability of some services, "Celebrity Weddings" encourages couples to book custom options as soon as choices are made. Enhancements will be confirmed upon full receipt of payment. Additions and changes may only be received up to forty-five (45) days prior to the sail date of your cruise vacation.

As a complimentary service provided by Celebrity Cruises, wedding parties may have up to ten (10) non-sailing guests in attendance at the wedding ceremony. If there are more than ten (10) non-sailing guests, a reception package must be booked. Additional cake and champagne does not constitute a reception. If a reception is booked on the ship, additional non-sailing guests may attend the ceremony and reception. Please note that in some ports of call, non-sailing guests are not permitted to board the ship due to security restrictions.

Wedding parties with a reception may have a maximum of one hundred and fifty (150) non-sailing guests board the ship for their celebration. Wedding parties with 25-50 guests require the services of an additional Wedding Coordinator and will be charged an additional $150.00 US Dollars and up. For each additional twenty-five (25) guests, "Celebrity Weddings" requires the services of one additional Wedding Coordinator. Couples who choose to have a destination wedding ceremony may purchase an onboard reception following their ceremony. There is an additional fee of $150.00 US Dollars as onboard receptions require a Wedding Coordinator.

Please be advised that in the event of strikes, lockouts, riots, weather conditions, change of itineraries, missed ports, mechanical difficulties or other unforeseen circumstances, Celebrity Cruises may at any time and without prior notice cancel, advance, postpone or deviate from any scheduled sailing or port of call. "Celebrity Weddings" shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever incurred by reason of such cancellation, advancement, postponement or deviation. Please refer to Celebrity's brochures and cruise ticket contract for additional terms and conditions regarding your cruise vacation.


Priority boarding is provided for bridal couples (as well as their guests) who are being married on the day of sailing. If you have not registered online, please have your cruise documents completed prior to arriving at the cruise terminal. All wedding couples must present themselves to the Wedding Coordinator to check in and to be escorted to the ship. There may be lines for regular passengers to check-in and to board the ship, therefore, checking in with the Wedding Coordinator is the only way we can ensure bridal couples and their guests do not wait in line unnecessarily. The boarding time is controlled by U.S. Customs and Immigration. No one is permitted to board the ship until U.S. Customs and Immigration clear the ship. A Wedding Coordinator will greet the bridal party and guests at the security desk inside the terminal area and escort them onboard ship and then escort the couple to their stateroom. Couples may board as soon as US Customs clears the ship, which is typically between Noon and 12:30 pm. All sailing and non-sailing guests will receive special priority check-in, provided they arrive at the pier by 10:30 am. Non-sailing guests will not be able to purchase food or beverages while onboard the ship or at the cruise terminal.


It is extremely important the wedding party personally carry all items onboard that are to be used in the ceremony. This includes the tuxedo, wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. for the entire wedding party (bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen). Security will only allow one small carry on and a garment bag per person. Luggage checked with the luggage handlers may not arrive in the stateroom until well after the ceremony.

Wedding Locations & Times

Ceremony times and locations are assigned according to the requirements of each wedding or onboard event. Times and venue will be confirmed approximately two (2) weeks prior to the sail date of your cruise vacation. According to the number of guests, weddings are performed in the ship's library, or in one of the ship's lounges. For safety reasons much of the furniture onboard is anchored in place and therefore cannot be reconfigured. Wedding decorations for the ceremony include two (2) white columns and two (2) silk flower arrangements. The type of reception purchased determines the length of time allotted for a reception. In some ports, reception times may be limited. For more details, please check with your Event Manager.

The ship's Captain has the authority to perform wedding ceremonies on any day of the voyage as long as the ship is not within the territorial waters of a particular country. All ceremonies are civil ceremonies performed by a government-approved official. If you want a wedding performed while the ship is in port, then you must arrange for the services of a local officiant.

Hurricane Policy

If we are in hurricane season, before the ship sets sail or if the ship is not sailing, our Couples are given the opportunity to completely cancel their wedding and they will receive a full refund of their wedding package minus the marriage license fees, any fees for special orders to be provided by a shore side vendor and a $500.00 administrative fee. The Couple may also opt to have a symbolic ceremony onboard while the ship is sailing. No refund will be due for this option. If possible, we will try to schedule the wedding at another port of call depending on the ship's itinerary. If the Couple opts to have their wedding at the new port of call, the ceremony will be symbolic due to the fact that we may not have enough time to obtain a new marriage license. No compensation will be given for this option.

Itinerary Changes

When we are not in hurricane season, the following will apply: If possible, we will try to schedule the wedding at another port of call depending on the ship's itinerary. If the Couple opts to have their wedding at the new port of call, the ceremony will be symbolic due to the fact that we may not have enough time to obtain a new marriage license. The Couple may also opt to have a symbolic ceremony onboard while the ship is sailing. No compensation will be given for either option. If the Couple decides not accept either of these options and prefers not to proceed with the wedding, no compensation will be given.

Cancellation Policy

For a refund of your wedding or ceremony enhancements, "Celebrity Weddings" must receive notice of cancellation in writing no later than sixty (60) days prior to your sailing date. A refund, less $500.00 US Dollars administration fee and the license fees, will be issued. Refunds will not be granted for cancellations made less than sixty (60) days prior to sail date.

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