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Cruise Ship Spa & Fitness

Experience a level of relaxation and rejuvenation you never thought possible

Push your body to the limits, then let us push back with a variety of massage and spa treatments.

Spa & Fitness
AquaSpa: Cruise Ship Spa Treatments | Celebrity Cruises

AquaSpa by Elemis Treatments & Services

Discover complete tranquility in our AquaSpa, one of the largest, most luxurious spas afloat. From meditative relaxation to sensory treatments, AquaSpa® will transport you to a new world and new state of harmony and bliss. To begin your journey of well-being, search for your desired treatment below and learn about its many benefits.

When scheduling your spa services, please keep in mind the following:

Spa Hours:  
Sea Days 8AM-8PM
Port Days 8AM-10PM
Embarkation Day Noon-10PM

Hours may vary according to the ship and itinerary. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment time so that you can focus your mind on relaxation.

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