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Inside Access Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour

Inside Access Tours

Always wondered what goes on aboard the ship to keep it running so smoothly? Thousands of finely coordinated events. A new tour will give you the insider's access on these seldom seen places and processes.

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An Insider's Look at Your Cruise

Enjoy behind-the-scenes access to exclusive areas on board your Celebrity ship, and witness just how we deliver the ultimate cruise vacation. Learn about our massive propellers and intricate machinery in the Engine Control Room, and stroll down the busy "I-95" – the crew's main corridor. Tour our impressive laundry facilities, provisions area, and Main Galley, where our chefs prepare all your onboard meals. Finally, gaze out at the open ocean from the Bridge – the very place your Captain charts the way to your destination.

Join us for the Inside Access tour, as we pull back the curtain and reveal every detail that goes into bringing your award-winning Celebrity experience to life.

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