Silk Harvest

A hint of exotica in the shimmering glow of red and gold

Silk Harvest
Silk Harvest

  • Silk Harvest
  • Silk Harvest

Silk Harvest.
A subtle taste of Far East pleasures meant to share.

As the first Asian restaurant in the Celebrity fleet, Silk Harvest takes you on a journey to the Far East, offering authentic Asian hospitality perfectly paired with a contemporary blend of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Here you enjoy family-style dining in a warm and friendly setting.

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Inside Silk Harvest

  • Inspiration

    A natural, relaxing and inviting design was the ultimate objective. Silk Harvest is all about the feel. Genuine warmth and a sense of family. The neon signage of Tokyo and Shanghai inspired the designer, RTKL, to combine the bright tones of modern Asian culture with the subdued hues of ancient Asia to create their color palette. Cerise red leather on the black-framed chairs grabs your attention, but serene tones of gold and brown add subtle warmth throughout.

  • Cuisine

    Silk Harvest presents an authentic experience with, as always, an emphasis on unparalleled freshness and quality. The waitstaff, all from Asian countries themselves, were delighted to join a restaurant that showcases the cuisine they grew up with and share with their own families.

Insider Tips

  • Experience our Sake collection
  • Don't miss the caramelized bananas for dessert
  • Our Signature Silk Harvest greeting is a bow created by the staff during the first restaurant opening