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Prepare for a vacation that will thrill your inner cheftestant

We've partnered with Bravo and its Emmy® Award-winning television show Top Chef to bring you the tantalizing Top Chef at Sea experience. It's a match made in... well, the kitchen—and the results are simply mouthwatering. There's something on just about every sailing*—Quickfire Challenges and Top Chef Night in the Main Restaurant—along with a Top Chef Signature Sailing where you'll be joined by some of the show's most talented cheftestants.

Top Chef Signature Sailing:
Island hop with famous chefs on a delicious vacation like no other

Back by popular demand: Step aboard our Top Chef Signature Sailing and join six of the show's talented cheftestants on a delicious journey through the Caribbean.

7 Nights

Eastern Caribbean Getaway Celebrity Reflection®

November 14, 2015 | Round-trip from Miami, FL

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Top Chef Signature Sailing activities

Meet & Greets Just one opportunity to hobnob with the chefs, take photos, and ask questions.

Quickfire Challenge Three teams, guided by a Top Chef chef, will battle against each other in a series of culinary challenges (everything from peeling potatoes to preparing an entrée). Fellow guests in the audience will determine the winner.

Top Chef Night in the Main Restaurant This interactive dining experience is hosted by the chefs and features full menus of dishes they created.

Private Cooking Classes** The six chefs will each host a private cooking class. After the learning is done, the group will savor a delicious lunch in one of our specialty restaurants.

Private Dinners** The chefs will each host a private dinner that features a complete menu of dishes created by the hosting chef. This mouthwatering event will be held in one of our specialty restaurants.

NEW! "Dual" Cooking Demonstrations This time around, we're taking our cooking demonstrations to the next level. The two participating chefs will be battling against each other as they tell the audience about the dishes they're preparing and answer questions from the audience. In the end, the audience members choose the winner.

NEW! Chef-hosted Shore Excursions** Join the chefs ashore! Some chefs will host specially chosen shore excursions that let you experience the destinations with them.

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Featured Cheftestants

  • Current: Chef de cuisine at Imperial and Portland Penny Diner

    Doug Adams

    Full of creative energy, Doug's career path reflects his insatiable drive to cook well. Growing up in Tyler, Texas, he spent time in Missoula, Montana, and in 2008 moved to Portland, Oregon, where he attended Western Culinary Institute and worked at Lucier on Portland's South Waterfront. He advanced quickly to work for James Beard Award-winner Andy Ricker, of Pok Pok, and recent Food & Wine Best New Chef Gregory Denton, then of Metrovino. In 2012 he was promoted to sous chef at Imperial and Portland Penny Diner. He was the first featured chef for Culinaria, a dinner series to bridge the gap between food and art lovers. In 2013 he won a competition leading to the Wild About Game event. In his spare time, Doug enjoys playing bluegrass guitar, fly fishing, and exploring the ingredients of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Current: Top Chef 11 Runner-up and Fan Favorite

    Nina Compton

    A native of St. Lucia, Nina Compton has trained in French, Caribbean and Italian kitchens. She has worked under renowned Chef Daniel Boulud and now lives in Miami where she worked for acclaimed chef Scott Conant. A self-proclaimed "gnocchi queen," Nina always keeps Maldon salt, good olive oil, lemon, calabrese chilies, and either pancetta or guanciale on hand. Nina strongly believes one should enjoy the moment whenever they are cooking.

  • Current: Top Chef Fan Favorite

    Chris Crary

    Chris is the Executive Chef of Hyde Sunset and Cooley's in Los Angeles. Born in a small town in Ohio, Chris decided he wanted to venture into larger cities to follow his culinary passions. He attended Johnson & Wales University in Norfolk, Virginia and Providence, Rhode Island where he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Culinary Arts. From there, he journeyed to California where he trained with his chef mentor Tony DiSalvo, former Executive Chef at Jean Georges in NYC. Chris incorporates Italian, Asian, and Spanish influences in his cooking, but never loses sight of the customer's culinary journey. His focus is on flavor, texture, whimsy, and creating the most memorable dining experience possible. If he were given a last supper, he says, "It would have to include biscuits and gravy, to honor my southern roots."

  • Current: Owner of TD Concepts

    Tiffany Derry

    Tiffany's "Don't Mess with Texas" attitude has a warmth and charm that makes everyone want to visit her home state. She began in the kitchen when she was 15 at IHOP where she learned speed, and by 17, her leadership skills in the business were evident as she became the youngest person in management. In addition, she received her seafood training from Houston's Pesce Restaurant while still in school. After graduation, became the Executive Sous Chef of Grotto Cucina. In 2011, Derry teamed with Patrick Halbert of the Halstin Group to open Private|Social in the heart of Uptown, Dallas to much fanfare. In 2013, Derry parted ways with Private|Social to focus on Tiffany Derry Concepts (TDC), a company established to support Derry's business and culinary ventures, which include television shows and partnerships with the world's most recognized brands.

  • Current: Executive chef at Departure, in Portland

    Gregory Gourdet

    Now the trendsetting executive chef at Portland's popular pan-Asian restaurant Departure, atop the luxurious Nines hotel, Gregory was a premed student with a mohawk when he discovered his passion for cooking. The mohawk stuck, but the student made a leap from medicine to menus and secured a coveted internship at the prestigious Jean-Georges restaurant empire, eventually working his way up to sous chef at Jean-Georges. Later, as chef de cuisine at the modern Chinese eatery Restaurant 66, he cultivated an affinity for the Asian cuisines and flavors for which he is known now at Departure. A dedicated marathon runner, Bikram yoga devotee, and triathlete, Gregory brings his health-mindedness to the table as well, offering guests the option of delicious gluten-free, vegan, and paleo menus at Departure, in addition to the nightly dinner menu.

  • Current: Chef de Cuisine at Hill Country Barbeque Market in Brooklyn, NY

    Ash Fulk

    Ash Fulk hails from Pleasant Hill, California. Fulk has recently been the chef de cuisine of Hill Country Barbecue Market in Manhattan, where he delivered them two stars from the NY Times and made it the highest rated Barbecue spot in NYC. He is currently the chef de cuisine of the new Hill Country Barbecue Market in Brooklyn, NY. Fulk is an entirely self-taught locavore who focuses on regional and seasonal preparations and operates by the principle "If it grows together, it goes together." Fulk got his start in San Diego where he led the kitchen at the W and worked with Katie Grebow to open Café Chloe. He soon moved to New York and became the Chef de Cuisine at Trestle on Tenth, where his boss Ralf Kreutel considered him "a freewheeler." "He just figures it out as it goes along, and the dishes usually come out fantastic. It's a good trait to have."

Get a taste of Top Chef at Sea on your next vacation

Every sailing offers these delicious Top Chef inspired activities.*

Quickfire Challenges

Participate in interactive Quickfire Challenges that put you in the spotlight—just like the cheftestants on the show. Compete against your fellow guests in a series of challenges, including cooking a full entrée alongside one of our chefs, that will test your culinary skills and thrill your inner cheftestant.

Top Chef Night

Indulge in some of the dishes that the judges raved about on Bravo's Emmy® Award-winning TV show, Top Chef. Top Chef Night in the Main Restaurant features a full menu of delicious appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts that were big hits on the show.

*Excludes Celebrity Xpedition® and sailings 4 nights or less.

**Guests are required to pay an extra fee to participate in these activities.

†Chefs scheduled to participate, but are subject to change.