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Think Beyond Spa

Follow the scent of aromatic oils, the irresistible beat of a dance class, the contagious energy of a lively gym. It all leads to Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, an invigorating onboard experience that makes your whole vacation even better!

Here you'll feel inspired to be your best. And you'll find everything you need to feel and look fantastic throughout your cruise and beyond. Enjoy legendary services and fun activities, or simply unwind in the tranquil SpaClub Persian Garden, where you'll be soothed by billows of steam and tropical rain showers. The SpaClub experience gives you a taste of the Canyon Ranch vision – though vacations end, wellness is yours to keep. Say hello to the next generation of spa.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub OfferingsTeens just want to have fun—so many choices!Take Care of Your Selfie™. Choose services that offer relief from technology overload.

About Canyon Ranch

About Canyon Ranch

Discover firsthand why people rave about Canyon Ranch®. Since 1979, it's been the gold standard for healthy living and luxury spa experiences, with award-winning resorts in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts. In 2016, Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya opens in Turkey, on the spectacular Aegean coastline. Beautiful SpaClub® facilities aboard Celebrity ships are a stunning reflection of celebrated Canyon Ranch SpaClub® at The Venetian® and The Palazzo® in Las Vegas, the largest spa on the Strip.

Fit & energized

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Enjoy access to the spacious, fully equipped gym and diverse activities offered daily.

Go ahead, enjoy the great food that's part of cruising—then hit the gym and classes, so you'll stay shipshape. Take advantage of daily fitness classes, work out on the gym's state-of-the-art equipment. Have a personal consultation with a wellness professional on exercise, diet and lifestyle. Check the schedule for expert presentations on topics from longevity to nutrition. Canyon Ranch can help you get going on a lifetime of health and vitality.

Some popular fitness offerings include:

  • Skin Care from Canyon Ranch

    Basic Fitness and Personal Training Sessions.

    Have your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition tested by a Canyon Ranch® exercise professional. Focus on an area of interest and take home a targeted fitness plan for pursuing your goals.

  • Fitness Health from Canyon Ranch

    Fitness Classes.

    Choose among daily SpaClub® classes including yoga, Zumba®, indoor cycling, stretching and more. You may also schedule individual instruction, such as a Pilates mat class.

Spa treatments & bodywork

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Indulge in therapeutic treatments and rituals from many cultures and traditions.

SpaClub® massages and bodywork are legend among spa lovers. The impressive array of luxe treatments is proven to reduce stress, release toxins, relieve muscle tension, combat environmental damage and encourage natural healing. Expert therapists use the finest products and practices from around the world.

Some of the many popular spa and body treatments include:

  • Salon Services from Canyon Ranch

    Detoxifying Ritual.

    Experience the joys of a traditional hammam bathhouse, including a scrub with olive stones, fresh lemons and coffee (yes, coffee). A rhassoul clay draws out impurities, then all that goodness is sealed in with fragrant essences. The finishing touch is a fabulous massage.

  • Fitness Health from Canyon Ranch

    Firming Sea Salt Body Scrub.

    Essential oils combined with Dead Sea salts stimulate and exfoliate skin. A finishing application of biodynamic honey and aromatherapeutic Red Flower botanicals will hydrate and nourish, leaving you with an enviable glow.

Asian treatments

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The Eastern focus on mind, body and spirit opens a powerful pathway to optimal health.

Our experts scoured a continent to bring you only the most desirable, powerful and iconic treatments. Each Canyon Ranch therapist is an intuitive artist, blending ancient traditions and leading-edge techniques to promote healing, reduce chronic pain, restore your flow of energy (chi) and more.

Some of the highly effective Asian wellness treatments:

  • Skin Care from Canyon Ranch


    This ancient Chinese modality, endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, is useful in addressing problems such as motion sickness, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, migraines, tension headaches, asthma, tendonitis and fatigue. It balances the body's energy (chi), stimulates natural healing, and induces deep relaxation.

  • Fitness Health from Canyon Ranch

    Abhyanga Massage.

    This relaxing and energetically balancing massage from India combines touch therapy with aromatherapy. Fragrant essential oils chosen to balance your dosha (constitution) are applied to the energy points on the skin where your subconscious mind communicates with your body.

Skin care & salon

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Healthy skin and hair are the starting points for looking your absolute best.

SpaClub professionals help you look and feel fantastic for active port days and fabulous evenings. When you enjoy a SpaClub® salon or skin care service, you know that every product was chosen with your good health in mind, and that you'll look amazing.

A sampling of skin care and salon services:

  • Massages from Canyon Ranch

    Canyon Ranch Facials.

    Discover just how great your skin can look with our unrivaled facials. Try the signature Your Transformation Facial, featuring our exclusive scientifically proven ProNADTM formula. Or choose a Gentleman's Facial that soothes irritations, razor burn and more. The choices are many and the results are delightful.

  • Fitness Health from Canyon Ranch

    Ultimate Nail Care.

    A great manicure and pedicure are the finishing touches for a complete look. Enjoy specialties like the Age-Defying Manicure or a Grounding Pedicure from PluggzSpa.

Canyon Ranch aesthetics

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Go home looking great—nonsurgical treatments reduce lines and smooth skin.

Enhance your appearance with an advanced, nonsurgical treatment. Our multiday plans each include a personal skin assessment, thorough cleansing, pre- and post-treatment facials by your personal aesthetician, and doctor-administered BOTOX® Cosmetic to relax wrinkles and JUVEDERM® XC to lift and smooth your skin. Start with a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a physician trained in cosmetic medicine, who'll help you choose the right treatment and track for optimal results:

  • Skin Care from Canyon Ranch

    Rejuvenation Plan.

    Enjoy smoother, firmer skin and the renewed glow of youth. To boost your results, this track includes vitamin-rich facials before and after your highly effective nonsurgical treatments.