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Escape to the Mediterranean

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Venice, Italy

One of the world's most beautiful cities also happens to be one of its most unusual. Venice is actually spread over 120 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Because the city is connected by canals instead of streets, a good way to see Venice is on a romantic gondola ride. The epicenter of the city is St.Mark's Square, where you'll find the 900-year-old St. Mark's Basilica.

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St. Mark's Basilica This intricate masterpiece is one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture, with an elaborate five-domed roof and nearly two acres of gold-backed mosaics covering its walls, arches, cupolas, vaults, and floors. Many of the sculptures and mosaics here were stolen from Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire during the Crusades.

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Here on the island of Santorini, you'll find a classic Greek seascape—whitewashed houses accented by sea-blue roofs. This is a treasure trove for both professional and amateur archeology buffs, with sites that include tombs that date back to the 9th century and the sanctuary of Apollo.

Must-Sees from the Editors of Travel + Leisure

Akrotiri of Thera Excavated in 1967 after more than 3,000 years, the ancient Minoan city is the most famous ruin in the Cyclades. Streets and houses—some three stories high and with intact staircases—are remarkably well preserved; artifacts recovered from the site (including Neolithic pottery and weapons from the 17th century B.C.) are also on display at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, in Fira.

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In exotic Istanbul, you could spend an entire day strolling through the Grand Bazaar, exploring the famous Blue Mosque, or wandering through the majestic Topkapi Palace, with its gardens, libraries and 400-room harem.

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Blue Mosque Intricately patterned blue-and-white Iznik ceramic tiles depicting cypress trees, fruit, tulips, and calligraphy from the Koran adorn the interior walls, columns, arches, and domes of this early-17th-century house of worship. Built by Sultan Ahmed I with the goal of exceeding the beauty of Hagia Sophia (which was at that time a Christian church), the Blue Mosque remains one of the few sacred sites in the world with six minarets.

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The city of Nice is situated at the foot of the Alps. This jewel of the French Riviera is home to some of the world's most luxurious hotels and terraced cafés. Stroll the ultra-famous Promenade des Anglais or see masterpieces by Matisse, Renoir, Monet and Chagall in one of Nice's many museums.

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Musée Matissey Henri Matisse lived near this Genoese-style villa from 1918 until he passed away in 1954. Now a museum, it houses one of the largest collections of works by the artist. Standouts include Nymph in the Forest and Portrait of Madame Matisse, though there are many lesser-known (and equally as inspiring) sculptures, photos, and drawings.

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Established 1,300 years ago on the far southern tip of the Dalmatian Coast, this city once rivaled Venice in terms of its importance. Take a walking tour to the Dominican Monastery and marvel at the finest collection of Renaissance paintings, including a painting by Titian.

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Dubrovnik Cathedral Of the 17 churches in Dubrovnik's Old Town, this tops the list for its Baroque dome and three soaring naves. Titian's polyptych The Assumption hangs behind the main altar, and a treasury holds 200 relics, some of which date back to the 11th century.

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