Stockholm, Sweden

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stockholm, Sweden
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Book a table at this restaurant in the 19th-century Stockholm Opera House, whose regal Art Nouveau dining room has leather armchairs and a stained-glass ceiling. White-suited waiters serve classic dishes like salmon with dill creamed potatoes, and the wine list includes an expansive selection of digestifs.

Stockholm, Sweden

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Must-Sees from the Editors of Travel + Leisure


Right in the center of town, this 6,700-acre conservation tract is home to roe deer, owls, and foxes, as well as three royal residences—including Haga Palace, where current monarch Carl XVI Gustaf was born.


The UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as Woodland Cemetery, is one of Stockholm’s most surprising architectural landmarks. Amid rolling pine forests stand evocative memorials designed by two of Sweden’s most important Modernists, Sigurd Lewerentz and Gunnar Asplund.


The most popular museum in Sweden houses the Vasa, the world’s oldest known intact ship—built in 1628 with two gun decks, 64 cannons, and 700 ornate sculptures. Another exhibit uses forensic science to provide information about some of the 15 skeletons found near the ship.

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