Ravenna, Italy

  • Ravenna, Italy
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Thrill-seekers should get in line for the $26 million Divertical—the world’s tallest water ride at 197 feet—at Mirabilandia amusement park. The coaster features a one-of-a-kind elevator lift system that brings 10-person boats to the top of the attraction. As they slide along a roller-coaster track—at times racing at 68 miles per hour—riders face drops, hairpin turns, and an oversize splash pool at the finish line.

Ravenna, Italy

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Must-Sees from the Editors of Travel + Leisure

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

Even in Ravenna, a city filled with the world’s most exquisite mosaics, this fifth-century mausoleum stands out. Sunlight streaming through alabaster windows illuminates mosaics of early-Christian images, including one of the Good Shepherd surrounded by sheep and another where twinkling stars frame a golden cross.

Basilica of Sant’Apollinare

With its imposing exterior and beautifully maintained artwork, you’d never guess that this sumptuous church was more than 1,450 years old. Interior spaces, held up with 24 Greek marble columns, shimmer with depictions of Christ, Moses, and the Hand of God, all created with brilliantly colored pieces of glass. Some scholars believe that the church also claims the first known depiction of Satan—here he appears as a blue angel—in Western art.

Mercato Coperto

Industrial interiors frame this indoor market, originally built in 1918 (though the area has been a trading ground since 400 A.D.). Food lovers can get lost among stalls brimming with freshly baked breads, fruits, cured meats, and desserts. Snack on site, or leave with a picnic lunch and spread out on a city bench. Piazza Andrea Costa.

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